The Year: Breakout Stars

Part 3 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.
8:45 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for The Year: Breakout Stars
It was a very good year for a new batch of breakout stars. The charge 31 year old Ryan Gosling. Leading man. Musician. Major heartthrob. -- when you drink hot. And Ryan Gosling is being insanely. Hot. Shots. -- there's a lot of gridlock in congress. But the one law they were able to pass is that Ryan Gosling had to -- -- everything well he was in three -- you would love to you. Most leaks phone sort of bothering -- ides of march to do with anything I believe in -- strive. -- -- -- -- He's come along -- the seven years since I know you -- underneath you is what's so ironic is that this this guy started out and Mickey Mouse yeah. Which you know I mean you've got to -- major proxy for matches like being the coolest kind of plan. What the -- notice. I think -- All the -- beautiful -- you know what breakout star Jim Carrey is faithfully professing his love for in this -- video. Three year old Emma Stone. I have had something. To help analysts don't make the transition from that funny Carolyn -- movie. Big Easy -- super back. Two. Person you could actually take seriously and in -- real thing. Based on the best selling book the hell was this summer's sleeper hit. The question do and -- got some help in the health. From one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. Octavia Spencer. A breakout star at 41. TV things can change -- -- -- you've got to be nice to -- me did. And you've failed right. As early Oscar talk for her. Really think she had a chance to walk away with Spencer gave a memorable performance as need any Jackson who won't take any you know but. Unless it's beaten -- hot. What do you -- in your information. Good -- New Mexico. And something else real Spanish. I love Octavia Spencer but I'm really angry at her because I can never have another -- for the rest of my life. Speaking of party troopers. I'm Melissa McCarthy but pulled brash and -- In this year's blockbuster Germany and bridesmaids. Pain on your march job -- -- in the restaurant conference. And after -- Tyson and you're gonna get back on my C. She is funny. And Chad King -- -- like -- -- but the 41 year old comedienne made -- name for herself on the small -- this year as well. She's so much confidence you have enough inexplicable -- -- Her first Emmy for outstanding lead actress on the sitcom Mike and Molly. First and that's why I didn't ever. Here's a thing about Melissa McCarthy a lot of people compared Roseanne Barr I think we should be comparing her job Lucius and I mean that in a good way because you know. If you -- and belch pass wind and heavy diet -- in the same. And be funny that's town. -- safe costar Kristen -- had a banner year as well. Not only did she play the lead but -- co wrote the screenplay. About the slightly pathetic but lovable loser who's coping with another bridesmaid. Morning can't -- on her best friend. I wanna do that and I didn't I -- ten I want to have a job at fountain meltdown. Let's have a party. The super fancy party with tons of desserts. You just concrete is not. I -- that and even before bridesmaids week was a standout on Saturday night line. Where four -- season she's poked fun at everyone. From Nancy Pelosi. The so called -- rough sex can't be necessary in this feeling accidents can happen and you heard. Benjamin button and -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't joke when time and sketch where I only eighteen and from the neck up all over I can't base pay and -- -- saw -- -- flick opened up her shirt. Just like -- continue longer than -- really showed me next that 38 year old actress will be getting in touch with her serious side. Starring opposite Robert De Niro in a drama ironically called the comedian Sean -- instructing him and. Seems Kristen -- is one bade well enough to be called a rather perish from -- She's got. We called me a bitch on the Internet. Fresh from playing the ex girlfriend -- FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the social network. 26 year old Rooney Mara -- a different kind of computer genius -- business here tonight. It's the American version of the popular book series and the girl with the dragon tattoo and we need a helmet particular women. -- theaters later this month she went from breaking Mark Zuckerberg it's hard to stabbing his heart. Really tough transition and meanwhile -- like it dish best served cold. -- -- -- let the start of this ABC drama is on this year's hot list. She popped up this incredible shelter that -- and it's been really breakout hit of the air. Known for her sweet roll on ABC's Brothers and sisters to take him and I'm why -- -- -- -- van camp now plays and vengeful vigilante. I -- -- -- to seek retribution on the people who caused the death of her father and the destruction of her family. And all of that challenging myself -- and he brought it scares me is probably the -- should be doing. And Emily Thornton -- scared me yeah. The 25 year old actress even appointed nickname for her famously in additional that foreshadows a flash back on the show. -- because you know -- kind of see her in Australia -- this. Crocodile from predator papers -- navigating the Hamptons and then on the outside this beautiful kind of a back channel movie -- from predators. -- pop stars. British imported Dell is rolling in snow thanks to her Grammy nominated hit rolling in the deep. In fact the quadruple platinum selling albums -- -- month garnered six Grammy -- altogether. I think her record is one of those rare rare records back. If jurors and grandmothers both life and probably for the same -- I think the song from criminal crafted her voice is incredibly pure and every single songs right. But that -- voice might -- pushed too far during a grueling world tour. Forcing the 23 year old singer to undergo surgery last month. For a vocal hemorrhage I was terrible -- because she was white. -- but she's so young we're gonna see so much more of nothing. Day is now. He's diet. And then there's the often imitated. But never duplicated them picking -- notch. You've got if you put Katie Perry and little chemical -- -- making the -- would come out. The super based rappers over the top get up for the most Google Halloween costumes this year. I went online to watch your video again to make fun of her but it was just really good. Yeah yeah yeah and now they're all these fresh faces got your attention. Their New Year's resolution and we're beating him in 2012.

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{"id":15167159,"title":"The Year: Breakout Stars","duration":"8:45","description":"Part 3 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.","url":"/2020/video/year-breakout-stars-katie-couric-2011-special-ryan-gosling-emma-stone-2020-15167159","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}