7-year-old daughter becomes key eyewitness in attack on mom: Part 3

Charlie, who was at home at the time of her mother Kelley Clayton's murder, described to police what she thought the intruder looked like.
5:56 | 11/10/18

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Transcript for 7-year-old daughter becomes key eyewitness in attack on mom: Part 3
Reporter: Monday night in corning, New York, is poker night. Greg and lucky Miller host a high stakes game every week. Complete with dinner, drinks, and dead presidents. This is where we play poker on Monday evenings. Every Monday at 7:00. Reporter: Among the regular players, Thomas Clayton, also known as hockey puck. Where did Tom sit? Tom sat here the last night that he played. And I would be the bank over here. Was he good at poker? He was very good at poker. He was very lucky in the beginning at my house, for many, many months. Finally, it kind of evened out after a while. Reporter: Still a good and aggressive player, but not on that night. He was not playing as many hands. He wasn't spunky that night. Usually he jokes around. There was none of that. Reporter: The game shuts down relatively early, about midnight. And the Millers go to bed. At what point did you hear that there had been a tragedy at the Clayton home? The next morning in the 6:00 range, there's someone knocking at the door. Reporter: It's an officer with the sheriff's office. He says, "You were at a poker game last night?" I say, "Yes." He says, "A guy that you know as hockey puck was here? Tom Clayton." I go, "Yes, he was." Then he says, "Tom went home last night and found his wife murdered." It was like, "Whew." Reporter: What were you thinking? You hear that Kelley was killed? I was numb. I think he talked to us and I didn't even know what they said. They started asking all kinds of questions about the poker game, and what time it ended, what time it starts, and what his mood was, what was he wearing. Reporter: The Millers corroborate their friend Tom Clayton's alibi, that he was at their home around the time of the murder. I said, "There's no way. There's no way could Tom could do anything like this." I said, "There's no possible way." I said, "You're looking at the wrong guy." Reporter: Did you think the same thing as your husband? "No way?" Absolutely. Reporter: But then police hit paydirt when they find an eyewitness. Tom and Kelley Clayton's 7-year-old daughter, Charlie. She told me that "A man was hurting mommy." Then she kept saying, "He did this and he did that. So finally I said, "How do you know it's a he?" And she said, "Because his eyes look just like daddy's." And that was a chilling moment for me. Reporter: A few hours later, sheriff Jim Allard brings Charlie here. You are looking at different kind of interrogation room. Still small, but soft seating. And on the table, toys. Well, Charlie, do you know why brought you here today? Okay. We're gonna have to talk a little bit about last night, okay? Reporter: In this video, obtained from authorities after it was played in court, Charlie describes to investigators what she saw. You know what a truth and a lie is? What's a truth? It means it really happened and a lie is that it didn't happen. Right. Right, very good. So what happens if you tell a lie? You can get in trouble. Establishing that the child knows right from wrong, knows the difference between a truth and a lie, knows that there's consequences to not telling the truth. Reporter: Then, in a matter-of-fact manner, unaware her mom has died, she offers details of the attack. In the middle of the night, this guy came and started hitting my mom with this pipe thingy. Can you tell me more about that? There was blood everywhere. On my door, on the floor. Not on the carpet though. What did you hear? Like, my mom ran to the door screaming, "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie." "Run, Charlie, run." Those were the last words she heard from her mother. One of the most haunting things I've ever heard from a parent to a child. I saw the robber, like, hitting her until she was on the ground. She was sort of suffering. Like, captured with a hockey stick. Then I hugged her leg. Reporter: Charlie says after she saw the robber leave through the garage, she ran to her little brother's room to protect him. But most interesting to investigators is her physical description of the intruder. Can you tell me what he looked like? Like, he was wearing jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt and a mask. Okay. What did the robber look like? He looked like my dad. And why do you say that? How did he look like your dad? The mask and his jeans. She said that he had on a mask like what daddy wears when he's hunting. How about the size of him? Was he a big, big guy or was he a little guy? The size of my dad. I said, "Well, is he fat like me, or is he thin?" And she said, "He's just like daddy." Everything was just like daddy. Every question I asked her related back to daddy. And then she looks at me. She goes, "But it couldn't have been daddy, because then who would take care of us?" Did the robber say anything? He probably didn't say anything 'cause what if it was my daddy? We could recognize his voice. I observe no deceit in the statements she gave. I believe it was true in her mind when she told it. It was chilling. There was no emotions. I don't know if it was she was still in shock. It was just breaking my heart the entire time. Reporter: The 7-year-old then turns the table on police, asking them a question. It's about my mom, but, like, where is she at? You know, we, you know, we need to find that out for you. That was not the time or place for her to learn that. She needed to be with family. Reporter: It appears to police that Charlie is pointing the finger at her own dad. But how could he be in two places at the same time?

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Charlie, who was at home at the time of her mother Kelley Clayton's murder, described to police what she thought the intruder looked like. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"59095924","title":"7-year-old daughter becomes key eyewitness in attack on mom: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/year-daughter-key-eyewitness-attack-mom-part-59095924"}