The Year With Katie Couric: Newsmakers

Newtown and Sandy topped the list of emotional breaking-news stories of 2012.
7:41 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for The Year With Katie Couric: Newsmakers
And now the newsmakers of the years with Katie Couric. Work -- -- -- -- -- the perfect storm. Rain has really did not admit you've been around a hundred yards out -- you already have rescue funds going. Hurricane sandy descended on the northeast and washed -- century old seaside attraction. This roller coaster here is still standing all alone now -- several hundred yards in the middle of the ocean destroyed houses streets. Even entire community. So my nut sometimes -- over my head. And made the Big Apple look more like the Big Easy after Katrina and -- death -- is at 106 people despite the warnings. Despite. Climate science despite increasingly. Extreme weather all around the Glen nobody expected. This to happen here. The record breaking storm left many people wondering where they could feel absolutely safe and secure in 2012. Aboard a luxury cruise ship. Staying calm seas just off the Italian Tuscan coast yeah. The Costa Concordia struck a rock and -- he -- at least 32 missiles were lost. Powell says security US diplomatic compound the US ambassador to Libya has been killed happen overnight the terrorist attacks on what turned out to be an inadequately. We protected State Department facility in Benghazi Libya. -- -- lives as ambassador. What -- -- -- -- he was group. That last year's Arab Spring it was issues. Bloodshed and part. But the fight in Syria has dragged on and. Dodgers are yeah. Furious over to civilian deaths. Israel poised to invade Gaza tonight 101000 and the fight of their future the Presidential Palace. Yeah. Growing anger over the killing of Florida teenager that case -- generating outrage across this country. One story that divided the nation on what it means to be safe and secure -- -- on Martin. This unarmed seventeen year old who shot and killed inside authority -- community. Can tell. By George Zimmermann a neighborhood watch coordinator. He -- it had very very strong reaction. Initially Zimmerman was not even charged with a crime. Florida stand your ground law allows any citizen to use deadly force when -- -- Feels threatened. -- on Martin's family says -- teenager armed with a soda and a bag of candy presents no reasonable threat. And the law should protect such innocent people from being gunned down. Do you think this -- away old rule as a country are protecting ourselves if there -- going to be major changes as a result of the trade on Martin case. -- would -- forty happen. Perhaps safety and security comes from knowing that even in the darkest and most troubling circumstances. Are best selves and found. -- This year all across the country and around the world heroes -- me. Even when it -- getting their own lives in jeopardy. Half a world away fifteen year old -- -- -- soft side was riding in a school bus. Taliban gunmen stormed the bus and shot her in the head she has had one bullet -- still unconscious. The attack was retaliation for her bravery in speaking out publicly. Today. On the need to educate girls in Pakistan looking unstoppable I don't get my education we'll take -- home schooling Arnold -- -- survived the shooting and is now recovering she carelessly continues to advocate for the rights of girls to get an education. In her homeland. I -- movies has turned into a nightmare. Yeah. Yeah. At least twelve have been confirmed dead in Aurora Colorado deranged gunman James -- executed twelve. And wounded 59 others when he opened fire and a local Cineplex and it happened during the midnight showings continuous acting in movies. Yeah. I am the idea. Is that a movie theater plays -- -- gather in peace with your family to enjoy. Pop culture could become. That's killing ground with just actually horrified. Money into Lindgren was there and knows the death told would've been even higher. If not for the purchase -- inside -- beat the theater including her boyfriend Alex Texas who lost his life saving her as -- -- -- -- -- -- Sadly the senseless violence in Aurora often described as unimaginable for unspeakable. Once again proved to be neither. -- -- We're all still reeling from the -- occurred inside sandy hook elementary school in the an -- so shocking and comprehensible. That it left every moment of grief and almost to consume -- to express. -- beautiful kids between the ages of five and ten years -- But is -- descended on the school there are 27 victims twenty children seven adults. Heroes would rise and teachers and staff members risk their own lives to protect the children they not only educated. But loved. Except I need to knows that I -- you all very much. And that it's going to be OK could I thought that was -- -- ever -- Principal Don -- -- and school psychologist Mary Sherlock. Courageously tried to stop heavily armed when he year old gunman. Both women lost their lives trying to save others in. This week new town began the agonizing ordeal of laying to rest of those killed in the Rampage. And -- collapsed as the recession -- Parents Brothers and sisters extended family and friends of those lost in this tragedy. Will then begin the daunting task of finding the strength to go on. We can't tolerate this these tragedies -- I spoke to one family in the midst of unspeakable pain -- -- have two little girls in addition ten me. -- then sports that district. And can they understand at all what happened. They just -- -- best friend who hasn't been around and as far as that's gonna mean to as it is -- -- -- left and we can see. Perhaps some of the strength they'll need. We'll come from the example set this year by all the people who somehow found their own strength. To act heroically. And selflessly. Out of the tragedy. Moments of heroism and courage can emerge is what binds us all together.

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{"id":18021692,"title":"The Year With Katie Couric: Newsmakers","duration":"7:41","description":"Newtown and Sandy topped the list of emotional breaking-news stories of 2012.","url":"/2020/video/year-katie-couric-newsmakers-18021692","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}