The Year With Katie Couric: Royals

From the skydiving Queen to Prince Charles doing the weather, the royals cut a new image in 2012.
5:25 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for The Year With Katie Couric: Royals
For the year with Katie -- continues now. With the royals. The royal air is on the way Kate Middleton is pregnant prince William and Kate are expected. -- -- It was the news of royal watchers. Have been waiting for. William and his wife Catherine. Are -- a baby. It was the perfect in their first year that celebrated -- Sixty years on the ground. That was very special for me to see that type -- outpouring is usually present when someone has -- when he. Clean cut stand pat on the back -- me at Buckingham happens we accountancy -- -- tonight she's made a difference she stands out to people and she's. -- can't -- The yearlong jubilee celebration marked a dramatic shift in. In the preserve of the royal Hamlet. There was the royal family who has -- a blowout concert on their doorstep. And on their -- There was Prince Charles was showing his lighter side for a -- -- be seen whether segment. From the blue -- -- -- And then there was the Olympics the whole country was watching as James Bond -- -- -- -- didn't. Com with a clean this man way that's the -- believes. She tender around that I meant is it Harry cat. The queen joined James Bond and parachuted -- way into Olympic history. And even a stunt double but even Olympian -- -- he wasn't. When I first thought I was like man this goes he has -- this is also if your health great. I don't think anybody that's Saturday -- Queen Elizabeth and her life size. I think the -- jumping out of the plane with James Bond represents the re branding -- the royal family they have completely come around. This year I had the rare opportunity to meet the queen on. Thank you for inviting. And talk to her grandchildren who opened up like never before about their lives and their -- grandmothers. What do you call her. A -- ground. Would you program of the -- I called my grandmother Nona. Prospers or other groups -- you know either -- and -- and -- I heard that if she is just -- -- after the fact. She has no problem letting you know it and a different on -- were doing about it from me. Have you ever been thought out iron -- about it several times that I really doubt LSU with a -- he's gets a little more than troubles not ordered us. The new -- slipped into her new role with style she gave her first address. -- -- including -- ten is excluded from. Accompanied the queen on an official engagement. And toured the South Pacific with your husband. Mark Diamond Jubilee for me my particular favorite with their -- team. To see William done as seen across that -- -- getting the Eagles. I think many -- hazy hot type of relationship -- how much they respect each other. There was a small issues in middle of the room -- involving some photos -- -- I think everybody wished had not. Surfaced. Topless photo scandal rocks the royal palace I. McCain she wasn't doing anything -- Holiday with her husband she believed to -- to -- Friday that if anything came from the estate got -- proved that K eight school. Perhaps expressed thanks -- she was steadily she was -- she had a smile on her case she was gracious. -- had his own photo controversy. Some compromising shot in the Las Vegas hotel but the talents -- by the friends and the story didn't put intense in his popularity. Well these minor scandals that Harry playing whatever you know trip. Poll and in Las Vegas and -- appearing topless I think in many cases fifteen years and I think folks -- give them a break. It's okay. In fact on prince Harry's own jubilee award for the Caribbean. Intense and fun meeting approved -- valuable asset. This year -- even revealed his brother isn't the only royal friends. With -- -- on the brain. -- longed for kids since those referendum. And senate. -- forum where she's homeless person someone who's willing to take on the job. I mean every day heading into 2013 all attention is on the justice's health. As she struggles with a difficult pregnancy. And on that royal baby bump the future king or queen of England which another future king. Takes in stride. As that annoying that your family planning is making headlines around the world must be very strange. It is quite strange reading about it but some are -- -- political news but I'm just. Versions of prominence. -- -- that the foursome found in the future. --

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"From the skydiving Queen to Prince Charles doing the weather, the royals cut a new image in 2012.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18021734","title":"The Year With Katie Couric: Royals","url":"/2020/video/year-katie-couric-royals-18021734"}