The Year: Scandals and Meltdowns

Part 1 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.
7:02 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for The Year: Scandals and Meltdowns
It was a year of revolutions and sex scandals heroes and heartbreak -- tot mom and a storybook wedding. As we joined forces with People Magazine it's -- look back at the very best of 2011. Along with some what -- are they thinking. It was a year Weiner gate to be cleared the picture was -- me. And I sent -- On -- -- Schwarzenegger has been keeping this secret for years. And PS KK Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly forced himself on the 32 year old woman. There were a lot of political sex scandals this year -- -- -- Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is expected to resign. 2011 was the year social media took on a whole new meaning. Anything where does not know the difference between Twitter and a direct message on Twitter. Wow congressman. You what -- you need -- the school death wish. So today I'm announcing my resignation from congress. And all -- For what. For what that is the fastest anyone has ruined. Their political career and click zero. -- -- by a tweet or a series of tweets rather lewd photos Weiner sent to six different women. The fact is yet we hear is -- bad that. He's just citing what he called Anthony Weiner of that guy in a psych -- absolutely -- -- that. No I think it was great I said you'll never be mayor Anthony you'll never be -- it turned out I was right. From one disgraced politician to another there was another scandal to go around. Arnold Schwarzenegger took infidelity to -- cosmic level -- -- -- made -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Secret for fifteen years that was kind of -- looks a heartbreaking tale ought to see Maria someone went in standing by her husband's side all these years and it was almost like this guy came home -- -- just like who whose home. Like I'm I have to have sex right out and develop -- this -- not a good way for him to go out dominated. -- divorced -- defiance sex scandals went international. As French politicos on any straws time. Face charges of sexually -- -- made in in new York city hotel. This thing that I think it out of my head was at his wife please victorious walking out of that courtroom like yes. My husband may have had sex with someone but at least it -- -- The charges were later dropped. But not before it made everyone feel like they needed to take a shower at this very dirty it's tawdry and it's cheap. And Hollywood learned the naked truth -- naked photos. Among the busted by hackers. -- -- And now that I think about -- I think about nothing else please send a naked photo of yourself. -- -- then you're asking for it to be published no one needs to send naked pictures just when you see that person get naked and -- But one celebrity wasn't showing anything this year except his bottom line have you ever sexton -- I haven't I never. Has anyone arrested that question. -- -- the first. Of course in 2011. The hall of -- wasn't just about sex here worry about your moment having path. It was about dramatic storm -- Right now I'm curious about whether -- -- -- game -- here in your borderline being a little bit three it's free doesn't believe it. And freaked out. It. -- IQB. Yet recently the restraining order Chris Brown's big comeback here he was asked about the re honest. This album is what I -- -- -- not -- -- that's ever happened two years ago. She threw a chair -- -- window. Really Smart move to defend yourself against charges of violence by being super violent. Why everyone's feet -- one year ago. As the mother of all meltdowns. Charlie sheen's insane and winning it's amazing high interest. It's a mess we don't worry that you're gonna die when you take that many drugs unfolds. Celebrity's lives -- every year but. Seldom -- they lose it to the extent that Charlie Sheen lost it I mean what's not to love them. Michelle -- party members of epic Iran Amazon made Sinatra and plans Jagger and Richards -- just look like. You know droopy -- harmless children's. Basically he threw a huge -- and at the end of it walked away with 25 million dollars cash is he winning. -- it's at least the top. He's definitely not losing the they have been waiting for some PR person some lawyer some agent was going to swoop in and shut him down. But he could not be stopped how do you reason. With someone who has tiger's blood and Adonis DN. I am on a -- it's called Charlie Sheen. Visit sort of that incredible raw about watching a train wreck. Yeah yeah I think people like to watch train academics you feel like here you can really get your act together Charlie Sheen. He was in the process of doing just that by September's Emmy Awards to everybody here from. Two and -- man. I wish you nothing. But the best but this upcoming season. She isn't on a second chance he's going to be on his ninth tenth -- -- twelfth thirteenth chance. Speaking of second chances Daryn -- college -- repeat offenders. Who couldn't quite manage to stay off the list -- -- -- melted down but. She -- down that we last year he had somebody that here's an arrest is gonna have to stop calling them bad. Grades three years from forgetting probation. Prison you know regular -- -- the National Anthem until. And she -- in the standings. Tiger Woods one of the greatest golfers of all time. Falls to a new low he drops out of the top fifty golfers for the first time since the ninety's well that's called karma and. 2011. Was a big year for all things celebrity breakdowns. Blitz everybody likes a good scandal story -- he -- another year like this you have to go all the way back to doesn't. That did -- loan.

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{"id":15167059,"title":"The Year: Scandals and Meltdowns","duration":"7:02","description":"Part 1 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.","url":"/2020/video/year-scandals-meltdowns-katie-couric-this-year-special-2011-charlie-sheen-2020-15167059","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}