How Young Is Too Young to Hate?

Part 2: Second-grader is taught by family to hate gay people, Jews.
8:34 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for How Young Is Too Young to Hate?
There is something and usually disturbing about hearing a child spew hate. Are talking about potential but hate they learned from their parents who say it is the truth straight from the Bible. What you're about to see once again takes the expression coming from the mouths of -- to a whole new low. How young is too young to hate. This is little -- -- of Topeka Kansas the very model of a cute -- seven year old and just full of energy. He his six year old sister faith and I. Had a ball last year and their backfield. But some things -- had to say we're astonishing. Especially coming from the mouth of a second grader about my fate I don't -- until. Go to. -- -- -- Who goes to hell ain't -- -- hundreds. -- -- This case is coming from those family. They belong to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro -- down because our country tolerates homosexuality. Abortion and divorce and all Americans are going to help. The children of Westboro learned this message early. Accompanying him parents to daily demonstrations to spread the word that god hates anybody who's not in their church in -- abominable disgraceful. Filthy pond that it can think of to -- did he do it and -- proud of it. -- -- -- Kids even help picket funerals for fallen troops where they actually thank god for the soldiers' deaths for defending America. Explain to me sometimes when. On their people from the military. And they're coming back from battle the church -- there because. Little change people mostly. Nasty stuff. And they let their kids -- me in south. Those dad Steve -- stood off camera and coached his son during our interview. Remember we only -- it. -- god fearing man. They're fighting one -- Stephen Lucie drain have four children. Global north and -- twenty year old Taylor. And 25 year old -- together the family learns -- -- gospel of hate from their pastor's fire and brimstone church services. God put -- -- your -- -- -- I just got off. As he has the tumult which means. The infighting. Then every evening at home Stephen -- reinforce the lesson. -- Steve even casts his own kids in videos that attack every religion beyond their own. And the game. All the children making regular appearances including Lauren yeah. Yeah. From singing hate to picketing regularly. Lawrence says she was part of west -- constant indoctrination. Of its children seem like all bias like about why people -- -- I was trying to please -- parents sister faith learned her lesson well. And paying -- And -- -- yeah. When you see like this -- beautiful little girl there's something that is that literally. Can make someone shutter when they hear it. Good. You understand how many people teach their daughters to gyrate around -- some written spears song. I'm teaching my daughter. What the scripture says. And the -- say if you don't abandon lord your god. You're going to help. But watch what happens when they are words of hate -- the crowd at one soldier's field putting their own children in danger. And another demonstration -- and his father are surrounded him. Eventually the parents and children of the Westboro church -- chased back to your car. You're not afraid that somebody who doesn't understand that the way to united -- -- -- hurt your wife and kids. I literally believe Chris that. If the lord wants me dead. There's nothing you can do to stop that and if the lord wants -- alive there's nothing you can you stop. But some church members. They hit -- men and their children have been injured over the years. There aren't any. A different kind of threat can come from inside -- to children who question Westboro Baptist gospel of hate. Both drain is towing the line right now but his parents warned -- have a little tolerance -- that -- what if he grows up and doesn't agree with everything anymore. Then I'll have to say provide the last. -- -- -- Obama by what combined -- simulator at the floor. You would be okay without UV OK with casting out your own you'll have to cast him out -- go live there were Harry Hamlin -- -- 44 year old honor. She's done. He's talking about Lauren. After questioning west -- hateful message she says her parents had no trouble voting along with other Westboro members to pick -- Out of the church. It's awesome hypocrisy -- and I mention them and they -- -- spoke out absolutely. You're not supposed to speak -- -- -- and that's what's big asks a question anything more and says being cast out of the church also meant she was immediately banished from her own family. The people who worst. Fiercely -- due to one another because of a shared fear the lord that's really your family your parents say you have to leave. Are there -- years are they hurting that they have to do that. My dad didn't Kravis to think I'm -- mom -- I'm -- -- -- out of my mind you know and there laughing and is just very bizarre and you're saying that the mile long ago yes. Are you telling them you'll live I'm sorry I'm -- -- -- -- wasn't gonna take when can I come back. And -- says it broke her heart to see how quickly her young siblings already programmed to -- returned against her I was gone a week came back to get my stuff. And my little three year old sister told me you don't live here anymore mocking me I raised her from the time -- born in nice to -- every day. And a weekly here. She is happy and gun. Warren's faith is a strong lesson for other children of the church. As for her parents true what they say they have no regrets you -- you don't lose your -- know. Well why wouldn't answer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you daughter going to come back issue back. -- -- -- guns and -- crushes but in my house. -- Your daughter's going to help push his. She lives a -- of rebellious life. Four years later -- has a new life working as a nurse over a thousand miles away. Her love for her family is still deep but now the only way she can see her siblings grow up is on our videotapes. We see your brother and sister -- and when you wanna say -- them. On the phone. And -- you want you're gonna watch this -- and it. And some. Analysts are allowed them -- care about. And I -- And doesn't -- everyone. Guzzlers young people god -- people even with what's happened. You don't -- your parents this horrible things I went throat -- hate them and I forgive them. You know to my parents like how come home -- not all of them. While she yearns to see her family again Lauren says she is sure she could never again live your life of --

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{"id":15031020,"title":"How Young Is Too Young to Hate?","duration":"8:34","description":"Part 2: Second-grader is taught by family to hate gay people, Jews.","url":"/2020/video/young-young-hate-15031020","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}