Vote: Can You Pick the Best Clue in Miami Airport Hotel Mystery?

VIDEO: A tough-as-nails private detective tracked down an elusive violent
WATCH Finding 1 Man in Hotel Full of Suspects

It was a case that stumped police: Who savagely beat and raped a cruise line worker in a Florida hotel, snuck her out of the hotel and left her for dead in a deserted cul-de-sac?

Everyone at the hotel at the time of the attack – hundreds of people – was a suspect. Private detective Ken Brennan scoured the hotel's surveillance videos frame by frame for clues to who the attacker was until finally, he found his man. (Click here to learn more about the case.)

Below, find three excerpts of footage that Brennan reviewed. Can you guess which one of the three helped Brennan crack the case? Cast your vote!

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Some faces have been blurred to protect the privacy of those not involved in the case.

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