Girl loses it when she finds out she's having a brother

Vivian Hagmaier fell to the ground in tears.

— -- A Pennsylvania girl fell to the floor in tears when she learned her new sibling would be a boy.

Vivian Hagmaier, 4, was told she would get a pink bow in her hair if her mom is expecting a girl and a blue bow if she is expecting a boy.

After predicting she would get a sister, Vivian opened her eyes to see a big blue bow in her hair.

She lost it, falling to the floor in tears and eventually ripping the bow out of her head.

"She kept telling us, 'If I have a brother I'll cry forever,'" Vivian's mom, Teresa Hagmaier, told ABC News. "We wanted to record it to see if she would."

"I was surprised at the extent to which she followed through," Hagmaier added.

Vivian found out the sex of her sibling in November. Hagmaier is due in April.

After about 30 minutes of tears, Vivian recovered, according to her mom.

"He's going to be accepted I think," Hagmaier said of her second child.