10 Kinds of Tweets Sent to Katherine Webb

PHOTO: Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, competing in the swimsuit competition during the 2012 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas.
Julie Jacobson/AP Photo

Reigning Miss Alabama Katherine Webb has found herself on the receiving end of Twitter's collective affection this week after garnering quite a bit of attention during her Crimson Tide football player boyfriend AJ McCarron's big game.

As the camera panned into the audience during the University of Alabama / Notre Dame game Monday night, ESPN commentator Brent Musburger effusively praised the beauty queen, who'd come out to support her boyfriend. "Wow, I'm telling you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women," Musburger said. "What a beautiful woman. Whoa!"

ESPN later apologized for Musburger's commentary, saying that it "went too far." Webb, for her part, found his comments "complimentary, not creepy," and thinks "it's unfair that people are giving him a hard time."

Whether she finds the subsequent Twitter attention she's received creepy or not is another question entirely. Since the game's broadcast, Webb amassed more than 100,000 new Twitter followers. So far, she's taken it all in stride, telling AL.com that "the media attention would be awesome if I was looking to make something out of it," but "[a]ll I want to do is date AJ. My intentions are not to feed off everything."

So what kind of tweets can Webb expect? We'll break it down for you.

Type: The Cheerleader
The Cheerleader

This person is genuinely happy for your success and accomplishments and won't hesitate to share them with the world.

Type: The BFF

This person just wants to hang out, is all. Friendship bracelet?

Type: The Professor
The Professor

The internet is nothing if not a font of unsolicited grammar advice, and this person is doing his part to keep it that way.

Type: The Interviewer
The Interviewer

This person has a few questions you'll probably never answer. haha.

Type: The Sage
The Sage

This type of tweeter -- in this case, MLB pitcher Tyler Skaggs -- offers time-honored wisdom in 140 characters or fewer.

Type: The Commenter
The Commentator

This type of Twitter user has a thought or two on whatever you're up to, and you're going to know about it.

Type: The Incorrigible Flirt
The Incorrigible Flirt

Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett would like to take you out for wings.

Type: The Self-Promoter
The Self-Promoter

Care to receive updates from someone you've never met for no apparent reason? This type of tweeter thinks so.

Type: The Self-Aware Creeper
The Self-Aware Creeper

This person will creep in order to warn you of the creepiness that may creep from other creepers. Be warned.

Type: The Greeter
The Greeter


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