Shocker: Rihanna Really Loves Amsterdam

Rihanna posts a lot of marijuana pics from her trip to Amsterdam.

June 26, 2013— -- Every week I'm rounding up what's trending in the more-awesome-than-yours celebrity world we're not a part of (via Instagram), and letting you wallow in shame here!

This week on Instagram: Rihanna Goes To Amsterdam & Has the Photos to Prove It

By now we all know the pop star loves her Mary Jane. Right when you think maybe she's taken a break from it, she'll post a picture of herself smoking out of a convertible with Chris Brown. Let's not even get into that other habit she can't kick (cough... Chris Brown... cough)

But watch out before you criticize Rihanna's #YOLO behavior. Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones called out the superstar's reckless actions recently, saying she isn't a fit role model. What did "pop's poisonous princess" do? She posted an unflattering photo of Jones on Instagram and a very long rant on how she's never claimed to be a role model.

So back to this week's Famestagram: it's safe to say RiRi loves her weed. She's not hiding it, so why should we hide saying it? Last weekend Rihanna was in Amsterdam for her Diamonds World Tour and showed off all the activities she partook in. You know, like visiting the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank house. Ok, she didn't show off any of those activities. What she did snap pictures of is no surprise... foot-long joints.

Talking to her dad.

Oh, one more double-joint shot.

Rihanna got a lot of press for wearing this shirt the other day. In case the last few photos didn't send the message that the 25-year-old singer loves weed, this shirt should end all speculation.

Let's take a look back at RiRi's weed-filled Instagram photos from 2013.

4/20 celebration was obviously documented.

Look at the size of that cake.

Some more 4/20 cake.

A strong message from RiRi.

From a Terry Richardson photoshoot:

Just a random day.

Hashtag Tuesdayz. Yeah those are my Tuesdays too.

Every day.

Like for example Valentine's Day.

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