Epic 420 Events You're Probably Missing Out On

Snoop, Cheech & Chong, Cypress Hill, and other 420 events happening right now.

April 20, 2013— -- It might be because two states legalized it this year. It might be because Snoop Dogg somehow became even more synonymous with 'getting high' by releasing a reggae album last month. It might be because everyone needs the distraction now more than ever. But whatever the reason, this year is the most epic 420 ever.

The buzz (pun intended) leading up to the stoner holiday is out of a Cheech and Chong movie. Oh wait, Cheech and Chong are premiering their animated film this week.

It's as epic as if Snoop were premiering his documentary about the making of his reggae album in Jamaica, in which he smokes weed in every other scene... and the company co-sponsporing the "green carpet" event was medical marijuana company Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. Oops. That's right. It's premiering in Denver tonight under those circumstances.

It's kind of like if Cypress Hill were performing with Slightly Stoopid to cross breed the hip hop smokers with the surfer smokers. Yup. That's happening too. (Actually this happened in 2010 once, but it's still significantly amazing). Tagline on the teaser video is "They're going to light up the joint." Witty.

So yes. 420 is that epic this year. Here's what else is going on:

- Pot-smoking comedian Doug Benson -- you may know him from his documentary Super High Me -- has a stand-up show in San Francisco Friday night, counting down to his favorite day of the year.

- Austin, Texas holds its annual Reggae Festival during the 420 weekend. Coincidence? C'mon.

- Redman and Method Man perform at 4:20 p.m.on 4/20 in Denver. To quote the great duo, "Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers."

- Pittsburgh can't be left out of the fun. They're having "The Bong Show" on 4/20 for Pittsburgh NORML -- "a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws." Not sure what a "Bong Show" is... the site mentions some musical acts but will there be carnival rides? What about food? You can't have a 420 event without food people. Amateurs.

- The Motet is performing with Ozomatli, The Soul Rebels, and DJ Mikey Thunder in Denver at 7 p.m. on 4/20.

- High Times is hosting the Cannabis Cup in Denver over the weekend -- this includes Redman and Method Man's performance and Snoop's Reincarnated premiere.

- And of course, Denver is holding the first annual World Cannabis Week, complete with workshops on home growing and cooking.

Now if only they could get a hologram of Bob Marley and Sublime voting to replace prohibition with systems to tax and regulate marijuana. Maybe next year...

So, in conclusion, we're not condoning smoking weed, but if you have nothing else to do except sit on your couch and watch 13 straight hours of the new Netflix horror show Hemlock Grove, we'll turn the other way.

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