The Funniest Tweets From #BestSongsToHaveSexTo

PHOTO: Todays trending #BestSongToHaveSexTo has resulted in some odd tweets.Twitter
Today's trending #BestSongToHaveSexTo has resulted in some odd tweets.

Did you participate in today's trending hashtag #BestSongsToHaveSexTo? Were you one of those who tweeted the hashtag with an accompanying excerpt from the Bible? Maybe you put some thought behind it and tweeted Ginuwine's "Pony" or Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". But if you were one of those people who tweeted out an absurdly inappropriate or random song, we really hope you weren't kidding.

Here are the songs we hope are true tweets.

A classy man who we hope isn't pulling our leg with his tweet:

Way too much dialogue. We'd be too curious about why R.Kelly woke up in another woman's bed to focus on anything else:

Grossest and, yet, funniest tweet:

Weirdest to picture. I don't even think Taylor Swift would listen to this while doing the dirty:

Yeah, we basically agree entirely with this one:

Word to the wise:

Skrillex should be banned from ever being played outside of a basement. Of course if that's where you're getting it on, don't let us stop you.

And to end, @BethCooperXoXo speaks the truth: