Bomba Estereo Performs "El Alma Y El Cuerpo"

PHOTO: Bomba Estereo performing at SoHo House in Miami, Fl.PlayRomina Puga/Fusion
WATCH Bomba Estereo Is Colombia's Psychedelic Cumbia Band

Colombian band Bomba Estereo fuses Afro-Colombian roots with American folk music and "psychedelic cumbia". And what do we love more than musical fusions? Almost nothing!

Bogotá-native Simón Meijía founded the band in 2006 with Liliana Saumet in vocals, Kike Egurrola in drums, and Julián Salazar in guitar, while Mejía play bass and keyboard. He set out to combine traditional music from Colombia with their newer musical personal tastes.

On their third album, Elegancia Tropical (which translates to Tropical Elegance) Bomba Estereo fuse hip-hop and Jamaican dub music with electronic music.

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"El Alma y El Cuerpo", which they perform in the video above, is a more spiritual song about connecting your body with your soul with the rest of the world. In case you didn't get the hint by now, Bomba Estereo makes for an ideal tripping soundtrack if you're, let's say, in Costa Rica walking through the rainforest.

Liliana Saumet is the group's vocals, and her colorfully loud taste in fashion transfers to her loud singing style. She has a way of screaming without screaming that sounds faint like you're half dreaming when you're listening to her.

Meijía and Saumet sat down with us at the SoHo house on Miami Beach last week to talk about their recent inspiring visit to South Africa and to perform a song for us.

It was pretty difficult to go back to work after listening to them.