Celebrities Share Some Social Commentary on Instagram This Week

Celebrities dish a little social commentary this week on Instagram.

April 30, 2013— -- Every week I'm rounding up what's trending in the more-awesome-than-yours celebrity world we're not a part of (via Instagram), and letting you wallow in shame here!

See last week's Famestagram: Babies!

Maybe you should've stuck to those acting classes. Or maybe you should've been born looking like this. But it's too late now, so just enjoy other people enjoying life.

This week on Instagram: Social Commentary and Art Critiques by Rihanna

Katy Perry is super cool because she's standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial leaning back like "Sup?" and being really cool. She's probably thinking to herself, 'I bet Lincoln would've been a Katy Cat if he were alive today.'

Rihanna is always making statements on Instagram. Is she saying fashion is art? Is she saying fashion is the new art? Is she complimenting the painting's orange paint splatter with her bright orange 3.1 Phillip Lim shearling jacket on purpose?

Or did she just pose in front of the first thing she saw when she came up with the clever A$AP-lyriced caption "She's a fashion killa"? Probably the latter.

By the caption we can tell Drake is taking a serious stance on military tactics.

That, or he thought it'd be clever to blow smoke on his computer screen and caption it "smoke screen". Could've been smoke chair, smoke carpet, smoke toilet... or whatever.

Or... maybe he's aware of the second definition of a "smoke screen", "something designed to obscure, confuse, or mislead," and he's hiding what he's working on on his computer (a new track) by blowing smoke to obscure, confuse, or mislead. Bravo Drizzy.

2000's hearthrob James Van Der Beek comments on Los Angeles' culture and also lets us know he hangs out in Beverly Hills sometimes.

We can tell Frank Ocean is really getting into "Mad Men". He's commenting on obesity in America, targeting the consumer through unrealistic marketing tactics, and global warming all in one photo.

Rick Ross is making a bold statement on poverty in the U.S. and the unjust distribution of wealth. At least we hope that's what the purpose of putting this photo out into the universe is. If it isn't, we deem his "rich forever" caption should be changed to "boobies forever".

*BONUS*Jon Hamm photobombing John Stamos' picture with Tom Hanks. Hamm is commenting on all the coverage he is given while "Mad Men" is airing. He's on every website and every social media platform, except Instagram. Not anymore. Good work Hamm.

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