What Is Vine and How Can I Use It Awesomely?

From film fests to entire films, people are using Vine in cool ways.

Feb. 25, 2013— -- intro: Vine is an app introduced by Twitter that allows people to capture and share short (as in, six seconds), looping videos. Twitter's blog has a few examples of their favorite Vines, including a nifty animation.

Of course, one of the first reactions people had to Vine was, "Can I use it to make porn?" This was shortly followed by, "How can I apply this in a way that makes the most sense for my audience? Also, can I use it to make porn?"

Here, then, are some innovative ways "content creators" (or, people and companies who do stuff you might enjoy) have used Vine.

quicklist: 1title: David Cross' New Comedytext: As more and more of us balance a media diet of bookmarked longform pieces, Cheetos, and short snippets of content, people who create and synthesize content are more challenged to find ways to appeal to people's online and mobile viewing habits. New York-based distributor Oscilloscope is rising to that challenge by releasing its new movie, It's a Disaster, on Vine in six-second chunks. Get ready to see stars David Cross, Julia Stiles, and America Ferrera, a little bit at a time.


quicklist: 2title: The Vine 5 Film Festivaltext: SplitSider, a site devoted to all things comedy, has set up an innovative (and mercifully short) weekly film festival featuring five funny Vines. Welcome to a new genre of movie-making: Short film shorts.

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quicklist: 3title: The Unofficial Vine NC-17 Very Short Film Festivaltext: ANIMAL NY, where porn, art, and the internet all meet and make a baby on a pile of cashmoney, is celebrating the Vine app's "adult rating" by inviting people to submit their own pornographic Vines for the chance to win money, stickers, and fame (link is SFW).

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quicklist: 4title: GE's National Inventors Day Vinetext: There are ads that feel liike, well. Ads. They're trying to sell you something, blatantly and impersonally. And then there are ads that can make you more aware of a particular brand and its goals in a way that feels interesting, engaging, and relevant to your interests. For National Inventors Day, GE posted a quite lovely Vine featuring blueprints, and asked their followers to interact by sharing which one they liked best.

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quicklist: 5title: Celebrity Vinestext: Some celebrities have caught on to the reality that Vine allows them to not only interact with their fans in a new way, it also lends them a new platform for creativity. Famous folks like comedian Reggie Watts, writer Steve Agee, director Kevin Smith, and actors like Community's Gillian Jacobs and 2 Broke Girls' Kat Dennings have created funny, innovative, and/or downright weird Vines that you might enjoy. Even Newt Gingrich is getting in on the action.

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