What Advice Are Upperclassmen Giving Freshmen on Twitter?

High school upperclassmen give freshman advice on Twitter

May 15, 2013— -- The Twitter world has finally given me hope -- not much, but some.

This week's trending hashtag #IncomingFreshmanAdvice features both good and bad advice from Twitter users. Why does it give me hope then? Because there is absolutely no mention of Justin Bieber or One Direction (that I could find). It's like I'm living in 2015 and those dudes have been relegated to N Sync territory.

And that's a breath of fresh social air when you consider last week's trending hashtag #WhyICantSleepAtNight was brought to us by at least a few dozen Beliebers.

So what do many of these sans-Bieber humans have to share with incoming freshmen? Here's some of the best and worst advice:

Some much needed love advice that saps will never listen to.

Excellent advice. Highly recommended.



According to this person, the two peeps above have no friends so maybe don't listen to them.

This one isn't really advice, but can be applied to relationships at any age.

Be cautious little ladies.

This one's a trick! Right?

Might be true.

Why is this kid wearing suits to school?

And what are you? A sophomore?

This happens at the office all the time and I'm all like "Gross we're not freshmen anymore."

Another trick! Not falling for it.

This one is NOT a trick.

The usual high note to end on, and the best advice on Twitter:

Kidding. That wasn't the only high note of the day. Here's a second high note.

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