Met Gala 2013: Kim Kardashian's Night on Instagram

Kim Kardashian was like a girl at a candy store at the 2013 Met Gala.

May 7, 2013— -- Kim Kardashian's much-anticipated Met Gala appearance has come and gone, and now we're left with overflowing Instagram photos that detail every moment of it.

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It was a big night for Kim -- and she let us know that through Instagram. The girl uploaded a new picture every 15 minutes.

We're rooting for her so we're glad she had a good time, even if she looked like a thrift shop sofa. According to model Coco Rocha, Kanye serenaded Kim during his performance. She has a Vine to prove it. According to Rocha's Instagram, Kanye was taking pictures of Kim on his phone on the red carpet all couple-y. Sounds like Rocha didn't have much fun at the event if all she did was support KimYe throughout the night.

Anyway, here's Kim's big night at the museum:

Coco Rocha's Instagram of Kanye taking a picture of Kim on his phone.

Then Kim started taking photos with everyone. This is Kim with Donatella Versace.

Kim with some guy who looks like her ex-husband. Oh, that's Olivier Rousteing, the beautiful cheek-boned designer for Balmain.

Kim with French Vogue former editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld.

Kim with Valentino.

Kim with some random girl with a sexy top.

KimYe at their finest.

The back of KimYe at their finest.

KimYe with their friends -- or -- KimYe with a bunch of photobombers.

The big moment. Kanye sings to Kim (or so everyone says he was singing directly at her), "Don't let nobody bring you down. You're so awesome. You're so awesome." He does a sweet kick-move while he says it too. Kim responds the only way she knows how at this point: through an Instagram photo.

Get off your phone girl!

Jokes aside, we're glad she showed up. There are 149,384,594,384 worse outfits she could've worn.

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