Enrique Iglesias Shows Off His Naked Booty In New Video For 'Finally Found You'


If you're having a dull week, this ought to make things right.

Enrique Iglesias bares all in his steamy new music video for "Finally Found You," featuring Sammy Adams. It's the first new single off his upcoming album, due in 2013. Gotta love Enrique for adhering to the formula that worked so well for him on his massively successful 2010 album, Euphoria - catchy dance single cooked to perfection for radio, gym, and the clubs, followed by a hot n' heavy video. Repeat. In this one, he brings in the childhood sweetheart storyline, which is cute.

I sure hope Anna Kournikova isn't a jealous woman, because he is all over another hot blonde, and at around minute 3:30, he even walks around naked.

Feast your eyes and tell us: does this make you excited about Enrique's follow-up to Euphoria?