Promposals: Why They're The Worst (But Still Get Views)

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are all the rage.

When did the internet became a place for people to show off your first childbirth? Or a place to post the 700+ photos from your engagement photo shoot that didn't make it into the official album? Or a place to upload the elaborate over-priced high school promposal video you pulled off? It feels like every day the internet just becomes a platform for people to show off.

Ok, maybe we're just jealous nobody asked us to prom and our spouse deleted all the engagement photos we didn't use and our baby daddy filmed over our first childbirth with the season premiere of Mad Men. But stop rubbing it in our faces.

This week's Internet Show-Off: Promposals With Thousands of Views

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are everywhere.

It wouldn't be a promposal/viral video combo without a flash mob. Apparently this school has a required amateur dance class because half the school is dancing in this video (and not well).

Views: 5,554

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are everywhere.

This video is 1:35 long, but the first 1:20 is just a pep rally in a gym.

It isn't until the last bit when five boys dance awkwardly to a song you can barely hear and then rip off their shirts to reveal -- more shirts! -- with "P-R-O-M-?" written on them. The camera pans to a girl who gives the thumbs up (which means "yes" in high school lingo).

How did this girl know they were asking her? They could've been asking ANYBODY.

Views: 1,178

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are everywhere.

The sort of promposal we'd all like to have. Skinny white kid rips off his suit to reveal gold short shorts that say "prom?" on the buttocks. But that's not even the good part. He walks up to the girl he's asking to prom and booty dances all up on her body until she says yes.

Views: 7,390,379

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are everywhere.

This one's pretty cheesy and took way too much time to do, and to watch... seriously could've sped up the opening of 456 ping pong ball packets.

But we have to admit it'd be kind of fun to open your locker and have 456 ping pong balls fall out. The fact that they each say "prom?" and the kid comes up to her with a poster that says "I finally have the balls to ask you to prom" is eh. We would've preferred just blank balls.

Views: 9.152

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are all the rage.

These guys changed up the typical painted "P-R-O-M-?" on the chests to "smiley face-P-R-O-M". The question mark was on the roof of the car. What does that mean? Shouldn't he be next to "M"?? Is "P" (the guy who's doing the asking we assume) even asking this girl to prom?

Views: 13,579

PHOTO: YouTube "promposals" are everywhere.

It starts off as one kid testing out his promposal to his friends. They all approve it except for one kid who nods dramatically.

Then one of their phones ring and it's a One Direction ringtone. IDEA ALERT!

Cut to a well-executed and produced music video for One Direction's "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" with the five friends running around the snow. But where's the girl? Where's the big ask? The music video ends and the whole video ends.

We don't want to see how you asked your date! We want to know if they said yes or laughed in your face. Maybe by not including the "yes" we know what she said... sorry dude.

Views: 7,717

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