The Best Of Jay-Z's Twitter Responses

Jay-Z has an open conversation with fans via Twitter. #Helaughs.

July 9, 2013— -- Jay-Z finally broke his tweet-once-every-other-month streak yesterday when he replied to tons of fans' questions on Twitter in the afternoon. The activity was obviously a plug for his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, which comes out today, but fans and haters were still elated to hear Jay speak -- or tweet.

The Brooklyn native showed off his famous wit and sense of humor, something hard to get at times (like in this interview on YES Network's Centerstage show in 2006) because he does it in a serious tone. But if you get the humor, you ultimately get Jay-Z... and you realize why he is probably the smartest rapper out there. So good plugging strategy, Jay; we approve.

The best part about Jay-Z's Twitter storm is that it felt like a real conversation.

Even if people made fun of his new songs, Hova continued to laugh... and hashtag it #mylaugh. In case you're not familiar with Jay-Z's dopey warm laugh, here it is.

When people asked about certain new songs, he either replied that 140 characters weren't enough, or something like this (this one is my favorites):

This guy brought up that DeNiro/Jay-Z feud that happened at Leonardo DiCaprio's party last year, and Jay responded -- amazing.

One guy posted a goofy meme of Jay making an unattractive face while spinning a basketball and asked what Beyonce's response was. And he replied... who else does that??

Comedian Aziz Ansari jumped in for a great tweet about one of Jay's new songs.

But then this random person replied with an amazing response to Aziz -- one that even Jay was jealous of.

Aziz wasn't finished asking the hard-hitting questions, though.

He even replied to people who had nothing to ask him.

He also answered the important questions, like what his favorite cereal is.

... or if he still has 99 problems...

What's his favorite Britney song?

How about his favorite Michael song?

What kind of cigar should you smoke while listening to the new album?

How you should dance to "BBC"...

Did he ever get that Picasso he raps about on MCHG?

He told us his favorite song off the album, something most artists stay away from saying aloud.

But probably the most honest response was when someone asked if MCHG was his best album. His answer: no.

The rapper even responded to people who were testing his Twitter response-ness.

He wasn't afraid to defend his self-proclaimed "Genius" title.

Of course there was some serious advice. He's not ALL jokes.

... Ok, maybe he is.

Great question! ...and even greater response. If you don't remember Amil, watch this.

He tells us why tattoos are a bad idea.

Maybe this is why Jay stays off Twitter...

Serious question: do you like Miley Cyrus now that Jay-Z admits he likes Miley Cyrus? ... I might.

Then he sadly tweeted his signing off time.

And eventually he left us all refreshing our browsers in hopes that he was coming back with a secret link to a bonus song, or a photo of Blue on his shoulders, or letting us know what his second-favorite cereal was. Anything! But no... that was all.

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