After 7 years of Twitter, Our Staff Shares Their Most Memorable Twistories

PHOTO: Celebrating Twitter's birthday with memorable, personal Twisteries.
ABC Univision

Twitter turned 7 years old this week. Here's how they celebrated. We took a different route and asked our staff to share their most memorable Twistorical moments.

PHOTO: Reporter Ingrid Rojas' most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Multimedia producer Ingrid Rojas (@rojasingrid) thought Diane Sawyer was following her. Psych.

"I jumped out of my seat when a Twitter notification popped up in my phone alerting me that Diane Sawyer started following me. I took a screengrab of the notification and posted it on my Facebook. Pretty quickly people started liking it and complimenting me on what a bad ass journalist I was now that national evening news anchor Diane Sawyer wanted to know what I had to say on Twitter.

But I knew it was too good to be true… Later I realized I was actually signed in with the ABC/Univision (aka Fusion) Twitter account, instead of mine, and she had actually started following Fusion instead of me.

With the same haste I posted the Facebook screengrab, I removed it. The end of my Twitter high and low."

PHOTO: Reporter Ted Hesson's most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Immigration editor Ted Hesson (@tedhesson) went from yelling at his TV set to yelling at Twitter.

"My big Twitter moment was when I realized I'm more emo about baseball (the Phillies in particular) than things in real life, and that no one else cares.

I think there's a lot of people tweeting about it, but it's just people talking for the sake of catharsis, not really a dialogue, especially during a game. And I wouldn't go searching for what other people are saying because it's kind of like why would I want to hear other people b*tch about the same stuff I'm b*tching about? It's basically a twitteration of shouting 'C'mon!' at the TV."

PHOTO: Entertainment reporter Alex Alvarez's most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Entertainment editor Alex Alvarez (@soalexgoes) found love in a hopeless place.

"I met my boo on Twitter two years ago..."

"I actually saved the first tweet my now-boyfriend sent me:8:10 pm 27th July (2010) 'hi @soalexgoes @noahsolo said we'd be a good pair. I play basketball & average 8 points/game on 45% shooting on 3s this season. let me know.'

Since we had a mutual friend in common, I figured I'd give him a chance (even though he seemed like kind of a dork) and we went out to Fat Cat in NYC."

PHOTO: Reporter Jordan Fabian's most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Political editor Jordan Fabian (@jordanfabian) was mentioned on his favorite sports blog.

"This might seem lame, but thanks to Twitter, I was cited on my favorite sports blog: DC Sports Bog"

PHOTO: Managing editor Nuria Net shares her favorite Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Managing editor for features Nuria Net (@nuriapuntonet) was followed by her favorite band.

"One of my favorite artists, Calle 13 (@calle13oficial), started following me on 10/4/12. I did a happy dance and then I felt the pressure of having to make every tweet cool enough for their eyes. But then I forgot."

PHOTO: Reporter Emily Deruy's most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Associate editor Emily DeRuy (@emily_deruy) finished her thesis because of Twitter.

"When I wrote my thesis for grad school, I wrote about the Occupy Movement. It was difficult and in some cases impossible to connect with Occupiers over phone or email. In person was obviously best, but for Occupiers in other states, etc., Twitter was a lifesaver. It was also how I figured out where they were going to be several times, since their plans often changed at a moment's notice. I'm not sure I could have written my thesis without Twitter."

PHOTO: Reporter Diana Oliva Cave's most notable Twitter experience.
ABC Univision
Video journalist Diana Oliva Cave (@dianaolivacave) became more familiar with acronyms.

"I definitely found out about Osama Bin Laden on Twitter. I was like, "Who is the OBL everyone is tweeting about?" Only to discover within seconds that Osama bin Laden had been killed."

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