Internet Show-Offs: YouTube's Singing Toddlers

PHOTO: Internet Show-Offs: Toddlers singing on YouTube

This week's Internet Show-Off: YouTube Singing Toddlers With Thousands Of Views

How many "4-year-old singing Rihanna" videos need to exist? Reeeeally? I am not a baby-hater. I smile from ear to ear whenever I see babies doing adult things in pictures and videos. What I don't understand is how a video of a little girl singing Taylor Swift -- in which she keeps her mouth open the entire time and doesn't sing at all -- has over 200,000 views. Either her family has a lot of time on their hands to rewatch their video, or the world doesn't make sense. Here are YouTube videos with singing toddlers who have more views than you'll ever get.

Single Dad & Daughter Duet: "Home"


TWENTY-FIVE million views. TWENTY-FIVE MILLION VIEWS! Jorge and Alexa Narvaez have made a few videos, but none as successful as this cover of by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I think Alexa's personality is what makes these videos. She seems to have an old soul, and it comes through in her facial expressions as she's plugging her ear to hit the right notes.

Kid Rocking "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles


This adorable toddler screaming "Don't let me down!" and pretending to play the mini guitar makes this video highly shareable. Right when you think it's calmed down, he comes back strong with another "Don't let me down!!" Love it.


4-Year-Old Singing Rihanna


This might be the only toddler video where the kid isn't handed a professional microphone to sing with. I like what she did with the pen. Little Makayla's definitely-not-four-year-old-voice is probably why she has almost half a million views.


4-Year-Old Singing "The More I Drink"


This little ball of sunshine deserves more views. I know that would go against the whole purpose of this slideshow but look at those moves! Check out those knee-slaps! Girl knows exactly what she's singing about as she dances to Blake Shelton's country song "The more I drink".


"Hey Jude" in Diapers


This video has the most views for a reason: this kid is awesome. His use of made-up language and ability to hold a grown-up guitar through the entire song (granted it's small), combined with his "hmm, hmm" breaks when he's counting the rest stops, is just outstanding.


4-Year-Old Singing Taylor Swift (Err... Not Really)


This little girl looks really cute as she "sings" Taylor Swift's "Our Song." The problem is she's not singing. Not even a little. You can hear her older sister or brother off camera singing along to the T.Swift song, but nothing from the little girl. Toward the end her mouth starts to move more but it's hard to tell if anything is coming out. She gets points for the outfit and faux guitar playing though, but not sure it's worth the 210,066 views.


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