Jenni Rivera Fans Pay Tribute: "She's My Idol, She's My Everything"

PHOTO: Fans of Jenni Rivera create custom T-shirts to remember their idol.PlayAlbert Sabaté/ABC/Univision
WATCH Jenni Rivera Remembered by Multiple Generations of Fans

There's no question that Jenni Rivera had legions of fans, both in the United States and Mexico. But what's in the DNA of a prototypical Jenni Rivera fan? It's a question we set out to answer by heading to Plaza Mexico in Lynwood, Calif., on Monday. We found families mourning the loss and celebrating the life of the 43-year-old banda superstar, who died in a plane crash on Sunday.

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Though Rivera appealed to both men and women, she had a special connection with her female fans, who related to her on many levels. Rivera's personal struggles—from teen pregnancy to domestic abuse – inspired women of multiple generations.

For them, Rivera embodied perseverance and strength, as well as the special bond between a mother and a daughter.