Do College Students Care About the Elections? West Coast Edition

College students at Cal State Los Angeles express who theyll be voting for. Some of them say they wont even be voting.PlayUnivision
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Mere hours from the end the election cycle, President Barack Obama's campaign unleashed an ad blitz on the web's most popular sites. The last-ditch effort was aimed at reaching younger voters who skew to the political left.

To see what some young people had to say about the election, ABC/Univision visited Cal State Los Angeles.

In our unscientific survey, the vast majority of the students said they supported and hoped President Barack Obama would remain in office.

  • College students in Los Angeles overwhelmingly support Obama.

Keep in mind that California, the most populous state, is also one of the bluest states in the nation, especially in terms of presidential elections. After California recently began allowing online voter registration, the state saw its share of Democratic voters jump to 48 percent, while Republicans shrunk to 19 percent of the electorate.

Cal State Los Angeles, one of 66 colleges and universities in Los Angeles County, is home to more than 21,000 students – 55 percent of whom are Latino.

Students said they cared most about tuition, immigration and the economy. Some worried if there would be jobs available for them when they graduated.

Some students said they didn't plan to vote, either because they weren't informed, felt too busy with school or figured the outcome was a foregone conclusion.