Rosie Pérez Blasts Mitt Romney for 'Latino' Comment

Actress and dancer Rosie Pérez criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a short video for his comments that "it would be helpful to be Latino."

The short video begins with footage of Romney talking about his father's birthplace of Mexico.

"Had he been born of Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot at winning this." Romney says, referring to the election. "I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be Latino."

"Oh my goodness, what if you were just a little bit gay, Mitt, think of all the advantages that would provide," Pérez says sarcastically. "If you were a gay Latina this election would be in the bag for you."

The video, sponsored by the pro-Obama Super PACs Jewish Council for Education and Research and American Bridge 21st Century, points out that only two percent of all elected and appointed officials in the country are Latino, while Hispanics make up about 17 percent of the overall population.

"Unfortunately for you, Mitt, you were cursed with the hard-knock life of growing up as the son of a wealthy governor and auto executive," Pérez says as she pretends to cry.

The comedian adds that she can't imagine how "difficult" it must have been to have a father capable of paying for an education at Harvard University. Pérez adopts a more serious tone toward the end of the video, however. "The truth is, the reason why Latinos aren't voting for you, is because your policies suck," she says. "Being Latino wouldn't win you the election, but saying jokingly that you wish you were might actually lose it for you." This isn't the first time Pérez has voiced her political opinions. President Obama appointed her to The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, and she has been a vocal advocate for Puerto Rican rights.