5 Beauty Lessons Girls Can Learn From Guys

Sometimes, a girl has got to turn to drag queens for the best beauty advice.

Aug. 8, 2013— -- "We're born naked, and the rest is drag." - RuPaul

Girls aren't exactly born knowing how to apply makeup, as looking at many a body glitter-laden mess of a sixth grader can confirm. Sometimes, we have to learn a few tips and tricks from boys who know better.

1. A "Filthy Sunset" Is Not Just Something You Do After Prom to Get Someone to Like You

Willam, my favorite person to have ever gotten kicked off a reality show, has wisdom just shooting out of every conceivable orifice, but the way he explains how to actually use and layer cream eye shadows in a way that doesn't result in what giant, creased feta chunk-looking nastiness across your damn face is all just very helpful. Why not take your own look from "junior high to GED" today? I know you can.

2. Contouring Can Take You From a Potato to a Princess

There's no such thing as perfect. The very concept of "flaws" was created to make you buy more makeup and elaborate undergarments. The nice thing is that, once you understand this, you can play around with that makeup and those Spanx/push up bras/gaffer tape to transform into whatever version of you that you happen to like. Contouring can change the way your features and face shape are perceived, bringing out the parts you like best, and gently murdering the parts you'd rather hide away. Checking out drag queen tutorials on how to do this is especially great because they exaggerate these techniques and lend special focus to them. It's a beautiful thing.

3. Pink: More Than a Safety Word

Pink makeup has the potential of making a girl look like a Barbie left out in the rain, BUT, with proper application and vision, it can make pretty much every skin tone look beautiful and "glowy," which is not a word. The trick is knowing which shade of pink works best for you, and whether that shade is more peachy/orange or blue/purple. Here, the lovely Vivienne Pinay offers up a pink-hued tutorial that works well with her skin tone. And maybe yours?

4. Good Lighting Will Be a Better Friend to You Than Any Human

This makeup tutorial is very nice and worth following, yes, but let's take some time to check out the lighting here. This is how I want to look at all time, like a pearl on the face of the sun. Glowing. Radiant. Luminous. Know what lighting works for you. Babs, for instance, knew that nothing lit up her majestic perm quite like being backlit by a burning heap of extras and PAs. Know what works for you and use it to your advantage.

5. More Is More

Just, like. Go for it. Wear giant purple lashes. Glue snowflakes all over that mug. "Be the change you want to see in the world." - a drag queen from Tampa, probably.