The Top 10 Chespirito Phrases of all Time

PHOTO: Chespirito pack of stickers.Ed Vill/Flickr
Chespirito pack of stickers.

Did you know that Chespirito is actually a nickname given to Roberto Gómez Bolaños by the director Agustín P. Delgado? According to the official Chespirito site the name comes from a Mexican pronunciation of William Shakespeare, which basically means "Little Shakespeare." It is no wonder that Roberto Gómez Bolaños' hilarious characters and comedic writing have remained a favorite in Spanish language television for more than four decades. In honor of our favorite characters like El Chapulín Colorado (aka the Red Grasshopper) and El Chavo Del Ocho, (The Boy from Eighth) here is the ultimate list of Chespirito catch phrases.

10. "Es que no me tienen paciencia…" - Chavo del Ocho

Poor Chavo, whenever he'd drive one of the neighbors crazy with his antics all he'd say is, "it's just that you have no patience for me."

9. "Se aprovechan de mi nobleza." - Chapulín Colorado

A Chapulín Colorado catch phrase, this one means "you take advantage of my nobility."

8. "Que no panda el cúnico." - Chapulín Colorado El Chapulín's funniest phrase, "Nobody panic," would become "Pobody Nanic" in moments of distress. Chapulín was the epitome of having everything under control…well not quite.

7. "Eso…eso…eso" (while moving the index finger up and down) - Chavo del Ocho

This is how the famous "eso…eso…eso" is done. "Yes, yes, yes," what a genius way for El Chavo del Ocho to say "yes, that's what I mean." The finger wagging is even more endearing.

6. "Lo hice intencionalmente, para…" - Chapulín Colorado

Chapulín's explanation whenever he would mess up. Try it next time you fall down or accidentally run into a wall and say, "I did it on purpose to …"

5. "Bueno pero no te enojes.." - Chavo del Ocho (and cast)

"Fine, but don't get mad."

4. "No contaban con mi astucia." - Chapulín Colorado

Every super hero needs a catch phrase and El Chapulín Colorado is no exception. "You weren't counting on my shrewdness," was Chapulín's favorite, mostly because he was a goofball superhero who would somehow save the day.

3. "Se me chispoteó" - Chavo del Ocho

This is one of El Chavo Del Ocho's most famous lines, always in tandem with a shrug of shoulders. It basically means "I messed up".

2. "Fue sin querer queriendo." - Chavo del Ocho

Directly translated it means "I did it without wanting to do it". Trust me, it is much more funny in Spanish, but this is El Chavo's version of Steve Urkel's "Did I do that?"

1. "¡Síganme los buenos!" - Chapulín Colorado

El Chapulín Colorado here to save the day.

"Good people, follow my lead!" Chapulín would say just before he'd do something silly, like bumping into a wall…which made people wonder whether they should really follow him or not.

Watch El Chapulín Colorado speaking English here. Always and forever a classic!