Brazil's 2014 World Soccer Cup Blamed for Favela Evictions in Rio

Tania Fontinele is one of thousands of residents who have been forced to move out of the favelas in
4:34 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for Brazil's 2014 World Soccer Cup Blamed for Favela Evictions in Rio
That -- but the -- has lived in have been -- -- -- for the last ten years to life here changed dramatically a few months ago. But she was startled by a loud noise in her bedroom. Look no me today how would not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It pointed out that they didn't happen on Monday oil they were not good luck of the down not -- that might not want to know nothing I'm not I'm -- Good thing she wasn't sleeping since -- or else the bulldozer demolishing her neighbor's home. Would have caused the fatal accident. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Covenant on the total is one of dozens of neighborhoods that real vision NATO officials have decided to resettle because they are located in high risk areas. Or in spaces designated for public use. The -- is situated between train tracks in the legendary Monica nest stadium. The site of the final -- of next year's World Cup and the opening ceremony of the 2016. Olympic Games. The stadium just received the 500 million dollar facelift to get ready for the two events. Well weighs in don't find the page I think that -- as it closed -- asked if outlawed execute the vehicle lack. -- prominent black enough that they expect -- by Salem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- his daughter Hamid is the city is carried out the resettlement process in a way that is aggravated an already difficult situation here is low -- recycled -- based I -- up. When we visited -- and -- the -- -- last march only thirty families were still living there of the 600 families who had already been relocated. The only memories that remained were a few discarded personal items and the rubble of demolished homes. Walking through the streets of favela -- -- -- you can really get a sense of how precarious the situation is here. Residents tell us that drug addicts are using now abandoned homes that crack houses and that crime is on the rise. Throughout the entire neighborhood raw sewage fills the streets. And reports -- -- have also risen. Amid the rubble of the demolished homes. An infestation of rats. -- this big water shortages and an unstable electrical supply. -- some of the other problems that residents say have been caused by the demolitions. 4 PM but these that the city secretary of housing the reorganization process is necessary both for the residents of the populace and the city of Rio. Moses thumbs up one. Must a -- -- possible advance. Live on minority youth Christmas when you've done to my husband and CA I believe -- -- -- But says that in total some 20000 people have been relocated in real -- -- NATO since 2009. Most have been resettled to government funded housing projects others have received rent supplements or -- being bought out. But these that denies that the demolition -- -- -- at all is linked to the Monica nest stadium or the World Cup. It wasn't pretty happy about sort of o'clock -- of the people who -- you not use. -- resettlement program is similar though much smaller and scaled to other programs implemented in countries hosting the World Cup or Olympic Games. But any medical way -- a city councilman investigating allegations of abuse in the program says the removals have been marred by irregularities. -- -- -- This local bus Boeing's they have won't receive any idea it's brought -- miles you'll and you don't see reality is. Us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- According to Kuwait -- residents have been evicted from their homes at night. Others have been relocated to neighborhoods up to forty miles away and the buyouts have been well below market value. Board that that I each -- who keep and waksal the -- bottom of the order he. Boots cut -- -- these -- decided to use it. Does it must have died on the addition muscles there's only delightful -- up by who believes will. In the summer of 2014. Fans coming to see a game at the -- -- nest stadium we'll either see a city park or a parking lot where favela on the troll used to stand. What they won't see -- the residents up of elements -- Reporting from -- did you NATO -- anything -- fusion.

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{"id":19450468,"title":"Brazil's 2014 World Soccer Cup Blamed for Favela Evictions in Rio ","duration":"4:34","description":"Tania Fontinele is one of thousands of residents who have been forced to move out of the favelas in ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/brazils-favela-evictions-blamed-2014-world-soccer-cup-19450468","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}