Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison Nominated for 4 Latin Grammys

Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison nominated for 4 Latin Grammys
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison Nominated for 4 Latin Grammys
Hi my name is -- Morrison. And and -- musicians. Mexico City pull -- from that got them infinitely in this accident city. And they make music composing music producing. -- -- -- -- in this neighborhood -- about. Here in Mexico City. It's a pretty calm neighborhood it's really family. Oriented. -- like -- -- like this case because it's really. I feel like I'm -- It's late and never left the -- Me. We're. And there's a lot of stuff going. Coming back I don't feel away musically in Spanish. Thanks and -- -- -- that's more meetings. And -- going to another -- it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do they -- treated and live a really really normal life. I don't try to that this artists -- like eighties and was living in -- And -- is -- really cool place but there are actually going on is all this. People who -- making music is this going on and it's quiet love that but then you don't you stops. Living a normal life you know years he going to grocery -- you're going to pay your. -- you know years. Okay. A want to be close to that some. Scenes where he would just iron -- working towards your. Musically. That makes -- -- happy and makes me beamer post maintenance and. Okay they're. Those people -- influenced others. Probably the -- as -- whatever but -- -- what happens when life are the ones that it's. At -- unity and really hardy. My album it's called the to -- This -- that -- award was boring unless you're at least going in as the -- And it's prices album it's a really -- To really -- albums. New. When I was going through that process and nobody would tell me don't -- you know you have to be strong at duke. You have to deal with this and -- yes for sure I wouldn't -- I was trying to deal with the -- time crying helps you to -- your soul. -- Okay. A. As. As more honest as I can do with myself and my parents the people are more than anything with it because it happens all the time. People say well you said everything in that song and it -- -- you know me. If you say you know about my love -- -- you know or what I'm going through. And it's cool nights that's what happened you know who. -- It's great to be that close. To my hands and that you know we're always -- Their problems some of them probably -- -- yeah. --

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{"id":17322419,"title":"Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison Nominated for 4 Latin Grammys","duration":"3:00","description":"Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carla Morrison nominated for 4 Latin Grammys ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/carla-morrison-mexicos-answer-adele-17322419","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}