Do College Kids Care About The Election?

Miami College Students Weigh In On The 2012 Elections
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Do College Kids Care About The Election?
They're -- -- fire and why. I'll be voting for Mitt Romney for this upcoming -- of the -- -- presidential election mostly because. I believe that his plans for the future of our country go more towards the ideas and our founding fathers put in the place. I'm voting for Iraq Obama Fresno mom because I feel that he can do a lot more -- me as a student and has risen of the middle class. And Romney camp -- Romney. Because I can't -- a president that increases our deficit by -- trillion dollars each year. If you had one question for the candidates -- being. My question for the candidates mostly for for President Obama would beats explain. The bottom of that happened and and Libya. How can you convince the Republicans. To raise the debt ceiling next time and how can you keep this country going. With an opposing party who is not trying to help you get anything done. For -- in particular. -- recently made comments about my home country Spain and how they hear what's bringing down the -- How are you again in nature the same thing or something similar doesn't happen to the United States. And for Obama. Do you you don't want to be president. -- -- -- -- -- Drug addicts and ignorance. Like any visionaries and lately get off track we have our bad things just like that -- -- -- -- it didn't. That's CEO -- because I think everybody's -- -- -- and. Definitely under achievers like there is not one person extremely bright students. That basically misguided and extremely materialistic. I'm gonna say somewhere rates and some interest -- it comes to mind. Loans. Trouble that. Ceiling medical Merrill on. Sounds pretty good idea -- medically. As if it lately. The future. Self deportation. Unrealistic. Let him against an -- company and -- -- -- back for another reason PBS. Great idea amazing it the best idea out there please if you can anybody out there are supported. Not -- -- -- -- Who caters to get off TV gay -- Don't care. Different. Undecided. Also the future. We live in a planet spinning around -- galaxy. And this galaxy spinning around. Other galaxies I can't understand why people care if guys like it's.

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{"id":17456565,"title":"Do College Kids Care About The Election?","duration":"3:00","description":"Miami College Students Weigh In On The 2012 Elections","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/college-kids-care-election-17456565","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}