New ESPN2 Show Embraces Cuban Roots

New ESPN2 show breaks the mold from traditional TV sports talk shows.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for New ESPN2 Show Embraces Cuban Roots
-- -- I'm -- -- -- this is my father Gonzalo on today's show we debut a totally new segment with -- money Jones. He's great will be able to work when my -- on TV. That's ideas -- -- father wants to -- that. There -- and I saw -- to -- one day saying that they want that Lewis show on TV would mean games. Also a little bit skeptical about it because -- that. -- -- somebody with better experience on TV and on the sports fan than me. -- and now we wanna wanna take -- look at what we can that we view. I'm -- how well it started. It's the most should be -- don't. I saw that on ESPN. ESP and -- scrawled fuel Burke and wish him happy birthday and. -- -- we can cram report out on your throat. And. Happy about it of course happy about having -- take him. Aniston is one week and what we've found is that the people like -- of the most are either parents themselves. Or kids who have gotten old enough to appreciate all the things that parents have. Done for them so -- the father son connection lot of people they recognized some of their own father in my so. At the idea. -- poppy intrigued by the. I'm they drink at all I'm -- -- -- -- don't play does a year for the bank. Opens -- equipment in and make it. He got -- basketball for hot -- the bat right there. We wanted -- something that was very Miami we wanted. Something frame you know sort of a sitcom father a cartoonish. Figure old fifties Cuban Hispanic something that would field. Home. The teaching here -- at a number of pictures here these are my case when there were plane. Soccer and baseball and -- ball and I used to be their coaches who got all of those memories. In pictures just down there working with me as a coach and the story that I remember. The most from my childhood he came for. A practice and striking out a lot and came with a tie and he -- you know very busy work and he was mortified by how bad I was and my mother pulled them aside -- -- could teach him. A lot of different things but I can't teach him -- man when you and -- these. Ago. I've -- latter part of this is Mike. Other -- on the national. And sports with a great connector for like I still remember. Walking through the old orange people you know it was a magical place in my little hand and -- his big hand as we went you know to what I thought -- the greatest seats in the world they were unbelievably crappy seats but I -- know I mean it was like an amusement park so. That discovery he opened my eyes to what would end up being the past I would choose for career. He trademark -- -- brown. Length that I won -- in high school not have a -- brought so much more competent and -- Would -- -- -- that. Hot and my mother would -- then we got to do it again -- And the other -- it. -- -- a government report Albert -- and number -- Believable he did everything so that we can have a better life. Whether don't know about me that's a hard question. I mean maybe. The fact that had to -- reloaded have been in his state you know when I can mean and that to make myself. The man on the very young age. You know that makes you better. The sacrifices that he made for us the immigrant mentality that was ingrained in -- I mean. Like this is the beginning of me repaying a debt that'll never be repaid -- -- the rest of my life without being Everett.

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{"id":17377235,"title":"New ESPN2 Show Embraces Cuban Roots","duration":"3:00","description":"New ESPN2 show breaks the mold from traditional TV sports talk shows.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/dan-le-batard-highly-questionable-show-espn-embraces-17377235","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}