Iron Dome Main Player in New War in The Middle East

Despite costs, the Iron Dome is Israel's new strategic weapon.
2:36 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iron Dome Main Player in New War in The Middle East
Tyrone don't lose one of the protect and he's seen the new -- to meet the needs. He's in new anti meat science -- them for medium and short -- -- the current conflict between the Israeli army and Hamas has a 90%. Success rates. Each -- -- as the chief engineer managing in the science project for Israel he says the movement that he signed. -- the -- -- detectives and passed the information to the control center. Then he calculates rather accurately Wear them this time he's going to lend. If it is aimed at the populated area as sirens activated. We have six cents. Truly act they'll delaying game in their weapons system we have doing enough to think -- they're saying they know little to time that to find daylight time. And -- I can outsell. The inside protectors loans compared politely with the Kutztown -- the budget tightening silence. In recent days strapped -- their landed on parking cars incinerating them completely. I own -- -- that no deal because they won't have him. And against me do -- Periods. And they'll all he's been language disparate bits equipment -- is -- -- besides. Since the cost of every anti -- silent these 50000 dollars those directed -- open areas are not to intercept it. Five years ago the engineers at -- failed military industry and the Israeli Defense Ministry suggested creating a system that -- many appeared the imaginary. Or -- science fiction weapon it's best. The -- -- defense at that time Amir Peretz who resides in the southern town notes there -- bombarded by thousands of rockets by Hamas since the year 2000. Confronted all of those who -- to -- to be an extravaganza. In nailed all of its government these extravaganza. Is now saving lights. The project cost is 560 million dollars partly financed by the United States. The concern -- Israel eased that Washington won't support the project in the future. Help -- SI which costs around 50000 dollars cannot shoot down a 500. Dollar project. How many more project as they have 1008 cost so much. Despite the budget issue the Israelis feel more protected than ever right now the iron dome is the new strategic weapons. In Tel Aviv and because -- impairment Korean navies in the evening news.

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{"id":17779533,"title":"Iron Dome Main Player in New War in The Middle East","duration":"2:36","description":"Despite costs, the Iron Dome is Israel's new strategic weapon.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/iron-dome-main-player-war-middle-east-17779533","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}