Newtown Resident Gene Rosen Took Children In After Sandy Hook Shooting

Stranger Comforted Some Of The Sandy Hook Children Who Ended Up On His Front Lawn
4:29 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Newtown Resident Gene Rosen Took Children In After Sandy Hook Shooting
And the. I was coming -- Lost over there right at the caps and I -- these six children sitting here. And I wondered why they were here. And I -- and talking to them very harsh way. He seemed agitated he kept saying it's going to be all right it's going to be all right -- -- disappeared these six children were with some adult. They were crying and they were out of -- It was so peculiar. That I could not fathom in my mind when it happen. And I said to them problem come on upstairs. Coach Colin to -- house. They came in. And I gave some toys to play -- my grand children's toys. They were very quiet. And then shifted to another room. And all of a sudden it must have felt safe enough to talk. And it's just. It's just. Now these two boys were crying furiously. -- -- -- I can't go back to the school we can't go back to the school. We can't go back to the school we don't have a teacher we don't have a teacher. This is so although this is so little. This is Soto is dead. It's there's blood. Shed blood of their mouth and she fell ill and their doors to guns the big gun in this small gun. And -- They were saying this -- was going through your mind. I just couldn't believe -- I didn't want to believe that I couldn't believe that I couldn't accept -- I could not correct them. I knew in my heart -- it was true. Critically if you it was still. Beyond belief. Then I said. I can't believe this and I said to my wife. Until they release the names of those adults I don't know it. The children went down to the firehouse. They all had been accounted for. The tragedy of good and had come out of the news -- -- twenty children who have been in this. In other city of my chair. In the house and the lady in October -- Her face was frozen. There she was so pretty. Interface like almost distorted. It was just frozen in fear. And she said. I heard there were six children here's what we're here. Is Jesse -- here. And -- -- -- not let -- couldn't afford a house but negotiated there. And that I went to the firehouse that lost her. She should do. She was looking for a miracle from god. And then I saw his name. His son's name of the casualty -- he sticks. And friend of -- most picture. It was the worst -- Knowing this fear and put -- around and Holler whoo should I couldn't. We should couldn't delivered to your child to you. -- -- And what. Pointer at what point do you reunite -- -- the kids get reunited with their parents and explain to me what that moment was life. -- -- And their parents -- was so happy. Their parents is what they needed. That was in a life line after a day of blackness. They -- with their teacher. The other -- in their life and that teacher had been. Destroyed. And assassinated. What's left their parents. That's the only -- that's -- and their parents came into the house. My arms were not long enough to put around them.

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{"id":18020553,"title":"Newtown Resident Gene Rosen Took Children In After Sandy Hook Shooting","duration":"4:29","description":"Stranger Comforted Some Of The Sandy Hook Children Who Ended Up On His Front Lawn","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/newtown-resident-gene-rosen-children-sandy-hook-shooting-18020553","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}