President Obama Confident Immigration Reform Passes This Year

President Obama speaks to Univision's Maria Elena Salinas about immigration reform.
5:21 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for President Obama Confident Immigration Reform Passes This Year
And the. Thank you -- precedent. You're starting his second term taken on terror to a very controversial and difficult -- immigration reform and gun control. It's set in your speech in Las Vegas the time is now -- Gabby Giffords in a very emotional plea. In the senate hearing today. On gun control said now this is the time. Can congress tackled both fists at this time and what's happening. Well there's no doubt the congress could tackle both. Because both are important we have to get conference of immigration reform the system's broken. It's been too long since we reform the system and we're starting to see a bipartisan consensus build around us. So we need take the opportunity and we need to do it fast I don't want us waiting. Six months a year to get this done there's no reason why we can't move fairly quickly. As the senators do their work start. Identifying where there are some differences. We can provide some technical assistance won't be student -- well -- my suspicion is we're seeing more bipartisan. Discussion on the immigration issue that on the gun issue but I also think that on the gun issue your start to see. Gun owners people who traditionally opposed gun control saying. You know what -- twenty of our children or shot by. Somebody who's disturbed. And when it's that easy to get. These high clip magazines that can fire off hundreds of shots in a few minutes that it's time for us to do a better job on background checks. To get control of these. Magazine clips -- Really crack down on gun trafficking and so I'm actually optimistic that we can get both done both will. And up. Generating some opposition and some strong opposition there will be passions. On both sides but I'm -- encouraged. That the senate seems to be having a serious conversation about these issues we have aggression by this year. I believe so you can tell our audience -- -- way Caesar -- to have. But I want to remind the audience because Maria -- would have discovered station for many many years. The only way this is going to get done is if the Republicans. Continue. To work with Democrats. In congress. In both chambers. In order to get a bill to my -- and I'm gonna keep on pushing as hard as I can. I believe that the mood is right I was very. Pleased to see the senators. From both the democratic side there -- programs that come together and put four principles. Now they've got to fill in the details but. He'll -- the issue here is going to be political will it's not. That we don't know how to do it's it's not -- we've got technical problems this is a matter of as I said in my speech yesterday. Us recognizing that conference and immigration reform will make our economy stronger it is troops -- traditions. It speaks to our future it make sure that young people who work here like the dreamers who want to contribute want to join our military wanna. Let's start a business that they have opportunities. And deal if if we keep that positive mindset understanding that that is a strength of America that we attract talent from all around the world. Then I'm confident we can get about. Most people believe that the biggest hurdle will be the path to citizenship who have cleared he said. That it -- be included from the from the outset senator Mark Mobius says that he will not support a bill that does not put border security ahead. From citizenship is different that being a battle between you and mark. No I don't think so look. We put. Border security ahead of -- witnesses should. We have done more on border security in the last four years than we had done in the previous twenty. We've seen a drop in terms -- of illegal crossings. Of about 80%. Since 2000. We have made enormous strides put resources and we've actually done almost everything that Republicans. Asked to be done several years ago as a condition to move forward on cover of their immigration reform so what. Given that that's the case. It's not as if we have been attentive. To border security and we will continue to be attentive to border security well we don't want to do is to create. Some vague. Prospect in the future but somehow conference of immigration reform that includes a -- where this is chip will happen. You know. My -- we want -- sure that we're very clear that this legislation. Provides a real -- now that pathway -- will take some time. -- been under our proposal this is not a situation where overnight. Suddenly people. All find themselves citizens they're gonna -- -- Their way to it and they're gonna to go to the back of the -- we're gonna to clear out. The you know existing lines -- we have in terms of legal immigrants because they did at the right where we shouldn't punish them. For not breaking the law right so all those things are gonna be put in place but we have to put that in the place. At the outset and and make sure the people are clear that this pat -- is real. And not just a fantasy for the future.

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{"id":18360124,"title":"President Obama Confident Immigration Reform Passes This Year","duration":"5:21","description":"President Obama speaks to Univision's Maria Elena Salinas about immigration reform.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/president-obama-confident-immigration-reform-passes-year-18360124","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}