Sex Workers Become Journalists in Mexico

Prostitutes in Mexico want to tell their own stories, so they're turning to journalism classes.
2:30 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sex Workers Become Journalists in Mexico
This woman has been the sex worker for the past thirty years. She goes by the name -- them and every day she looks for clients in downtown Mexico City. Lately maybe -- also takes a pen and paper to record her experiences. And those of her peers. The study that they often held up of -- -- were not harmed by you that. So your travels of beings about an hour and -- my -- if he had about being big and mean they. So in Lansing man -- -- capital city had to put this into a terrorist attack six that. Many as one of ten sex workers taken a journalism workshop in Mexico City. These woman want to tell their own version of what happens on the streets. To their stories they also want to tackle discrimination against sex workers. Went back and analyze what they. You and ask them by yes and he hits in the northeast tonight -- will be. That seems sweet that he sleeplessness from the company and second mobile if -- these him and I. -- -- I'm not bad on mount and as you -- on balconies sit on the Milken up on and then tech he cannot put -- I typically banks that with a pig in the city. The women taken this journalism workshop and to publish a book of real like sex worker stories. It'll -- themes that are often ignored by the mainstream media. Like how police illegally tax sex workers or how young girls are forced into the job. -- -- Munoz a columnist for national paper -- so workshops teacher. She says that she's -- her students as if they were professional journalists. Not quite -- -- -- it when they considered to do these look in and is indicative look at at that I have a pressing. He then radical Muslim doesn't and then escaped other -- I think that -- spotted him sitting US and. The sex -- center where she sometimes does her homework maybe says that this workshop has helped her get comfortable with her job. She thinks it's important to highly abuses against sex workers and also to understand why some women and that doing this type of job but. Latin -- on Monday and not enough already yeah I can tell how us exciting. Night that he can effectively. -- -- -- -- 46. He planned NASA go about passing out to connect him they seem they be -- and sacrifice anything -- precedent on the a half years from -- via. Has that perfect Saturday's -- PC people looked back.

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{"id":19566332,"title":"Sex Workers Become Journalists in Mexico","duration":"2:30","description":"Prostitutes in Mexico want to tell their own stories, so they're turning to journalism classes.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/sex-workers-journalists-mexico-19566332","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}