Oh, Canada: Ted Cruz Proves His American-ness

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) renounces his Canadian citizenship.
1:11 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Oh, Canada: Ted Cruz Proves His American-ness
Remember when a giant American flag pin was -- -- needed to prove you were patriots those were simpler time. Now the new routine seems to be pulling out your birth certificate. That's what Texas senator Ted Cruz just did. He's being talked about as a potential presidential candidate but first he needs to clear up a little issue being born in Canada apparently just realized that makes and Canadian here's why that's an issue you need to be a natural born citizen to become president -- says he has his mother was an American citizen living in Canada when he was one. So he became a dual citizen at birth now he's doing what any other American. Showing how much he loves this country by throwing another nation under the bus he issued this statement on Monday nothing against Canada. But I'm an American by birth and as a US senator. I believe I should be only an American he says he'll give up his Canadian citizenship. But our -- convinced he's eligible to be president their leader isn't so sure. I'm not sure where he was born I think it's -- he's definitely -- candid look at what they you'll have to ask him that question but perhaps not -- might have to face the birth their fringe but no one expects him to get the same treatment that President Obama got for -- on -- --

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{"id":20016188,"title":"Oh, Canada: Ted Cruz Proves His American-ness","duration":"1:11","description":"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) renounces his Canadian citizenship. ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/ted-cruz-disowns-canada-owns-america-20016188","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}