After Intense Racing Careers, Dogs Get Primped and Prepped for Adoption

Fast Friends pampers and preps retired greyhounds for adoption.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for After Intense Racing Careers, Dogs Get Primped and Prepped for Adoption
And. Don't know. -- It's. It. My name is Joyce occurring my husband's famous column authority we have been rescuing Greyhound -- -- -- over thirty years. And we've enjoyed every minute of it. There are closing in on -- 3200. Please think. Ordering him from most of them from the -- -- They Brian doubtless every weekday in the -- -- -- -- -- The rest of -- day. Today's -- and -- It turned out three times today often had taken -- the track with pickles schooling. And they you know they're right. Him in the -- but era protested hey I mean it did that perfect breeding dogs for the racing in -- to you lose because. -- -- -- very suspicious you know this is maybe fifteen using donor who extremely suspicious and -- for good reason they had some things they've really -- -- -- Sissy and so it was senator. Very list trusting -- relationship. Like graduate we just kept going -- -- -- who think that couldn't get rid of us. -- -- is that we get hurt village they're raising. -- -- -- that's a big and I think I don't know that they use another trying to beat notre. And I think that that's so it is very close. The manager of the -- manager at that tracks at the time how long does it take you to get these racing machines. And turn them into pits and -- said. Somewhere between here in the border underline. What okay. There's still that. Company adulthood but -- but one. What do interns. That being hurt. We always take the -- and -- first pick them. I don't know what the percentage -- don't particularly think most of -- very -- You know the muscle -- to a number don't hear -- then headless lizards and me you're an athlete that -- things happen. -- left a message -- no broken -- -- prepared. Sorry procurement for my friend Salem -- -- we get down here to the border you've got good reception. You're gonna call -- which usually get relief from. Which is -- orders. Adults very. That's his dressing room and you want to -- -- numbers and whether some male or female. And I think getting it. He plays the streets is so narrow in Pittsburgh since like police that's how many years that she's thing. Generally it's when it's -- new border Gordon who really wants to impress everybody. They -- incidents in the secondary. They pull out the dogs and look at all the dogs and show them they never get through the trailer I have to say they'll throw a couple of England and you have put him back in the -- and -- -- You're coming back. -- the trailers barking. And Anthony get used to the fact that everybody staring at you and your wallet is scaring you. And you stuff -- and street light but it still regard double trailers working. If there I would I would be still. Shocked I don't know why they -- in you know me. When the farm it's it's a very structured environment that they -- every day pretty -- -- -- went to -- like they -- this routine. And then you -- woman out of their environment. -- -- trailer. Bring across the border and the next thing they see is all these Americans going. And you know I can make -- now -- -- I don't. -- -- Inning giving it was always people you know massaging them and rubbing them plenary years in New -- thing I I. I finally they'll like I think it was critical myself. They checked is we're looking for any abrasion or officers of the guys that can happen while raising them they're keeping an -- it's. That we check their teeth and what we're looking for -- the carrier that you and I suspect that we're actually think from reading your -- no -- has -- lines. And -- right now is manipulating the dogs -- to check if there's any spinal injuries or irritation. We really. Had not had very much trouble with placing -- with cats and swollen. So they get to lunge at the little garden though. -- -- Little but -- the dark. And they get this system thing you bring into the cat and the is not that really been reaction that you see if I put the -- in the -- I can tell you. At the beginning we would hand I would say they bring in dogs. Seven of them would be okay with the cat you know this because Lincoln at first. -- -- There are bad things that happen in the racing industry and linking him. These -- at the track. And women each year. My observation is that. If they were -- this treated. They were happy so friendly and I'm not protracted all. An -- track and just sit here observing. That these dark. You know that they didn't look like they -- beaten -- to -- -- of them and and they were overly thin. And they were very friendly. It would be very nice. Is. We keeps going and they'll -- needed anymore and that would be. Which typically. We certainly have attracted is mostly younger people of certain areas and that's nice to see because they have they have this thing. Interest. So hard about the -- in the -- Or going away will be at this greeted they'll be gone. This is tonight the studies only -- war and the racing industry this ridiculous it may become extinct. -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's. It's. --

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{"id":17293608,"title":"After Intense Racing Careers, Dogs Get Primped and Prepped for Adoption","duration":"3:00","description":"Fast Friends pampers and preps retired greyhounds for adoption.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/tijuana-greyhounds-find-lives-north-border-17293608","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}