He's Undocumented and He Passed the New York Bar

Cesar Vargas passed the NY Bar and is now fighting to be able to practice law.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for He's Undocumented and He Passed the New York Bar
Of so right now we're actually we have all the application -- -- -- ago. Including. Put -- together supplementary. Letters of support from some of the -- The main sponsor of the DREAM Act couldn't congressional members including -- -- -- lost his assistant analyst. And various other on its congressional Hispanic caucus of trust on silence on the district attorney out of -- -- Charles Hynes. And -- communities including that the -- my law school so we're set to go and this is going to be the first time someone. In my situation undocumented with no previous immigration status. Two submitted an application to be a minute as a licensed lawyer. I have taken the -- Graduate from law -- pretty much have satisfy all the requirements have no criminal record. And this is what we are now to -- -- me this. Into a moment where the courts. Are going to be jumping into the immigration debate I feel confident. -- New York has been the gate -- -- immigrants it's -- -- of liberty. Recites. This -- state of the represented immigrant community so I am hopeful the New York will make the right decision inches. Simply treat me like anyone else I'm not seeking any special treatment from anyone -- asked to -- special benefits. I'm just ask the same opportunity given to my friends my colleagues who already graduate who passed the bar -- -- practicing -- I'm not there yet -- -- so. We're asking the courts -- to give me the same -- anyone else well. What -- left Atlanta that is essentially what but those were all the lawyers -- essentially to. 2% and fight for the US constitution the rights of -- the constitution. And that's exactly one one would be doing and that's attack when -- -- and the constitution. That -- that means -- percent of benefits can use the opportunity to we -- -- percent your country. And this -- -- I -- and also to recognize that the immigration system is outdated. Broken. And and simply that. There is no prohibition again us. Additional -- prohibition against a minute an undocumented -- so let's listen -- there is no law saying. That I am Britain militants by applying because there --

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{"id":17538616,"title":"He's Undocumented and He Passed the New York Bar","duration":"3:00","description":"Cesar Vargas passed the NY Bar and is now fighting to be able to practice law.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/undocumented-passed-york-bar-17538616","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}