New Univision Initiative To Focus On Financial Empowerment

Univision Launches Financial Empowerment Initiative "Plan Prosperidad"
0:45 | 11/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Univision Initiative To Focus On Financial Empowerment
-- How do you -- -- the American dream really excess. Then you tell you you dust. Educating ourselves and taking better care of our money are essential to a future of prosperity and opportunity. And Univision wants to help you achieve your dreams -- a brand new initiative called the number of -- This initiative will promote financial education to raise awareness about giving credit. Avoiding fraud and managing your money so you can the other things that make you happy like buying a home starting your own business -- -- -- they forgot to. Down -- -- -- that financial empowerment initiative from Univision because your future is important to us for the prosperity of this country. For more information visit Univision dot com slash for -- up.

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{"id":17812027,"title":"New Univision Initiative To Focus On Financial Empowerment","duration":"0:45","description":"Univision Launches Financial Empowerment Initiative \"Plan Prosperidad\"","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/univision-launches-financial-empowerment-initiative-plan-prosperidad-17812027","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}