WATCH: Full Interview with Steve King on Al Punto

Rep. Steve King says legal status for DREAMers would violate "the rule of law."
8:56 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for WATCH: Full Interview with Steve King on Al Punto
And some -- with immigration reform -- post a path to citizenship you don't want to legalize the eleven -- -- undocumented immigrants so. What would you do with them. -- make this -- -- to the people that are here illegally whatever country they came from. They have broken our laws. And -- they came here to live in the shadows. That's apparently what some of them are doing they are all doing that many of them are out on the streets pressing for comprehensive immigration reform. Which means waive the rule of law. And don't put us back in the condition we were in before we broke the law. I've never been -- advocating for any kind of -- effort attract try to address this I think gets spent we've gotten into this condition. Incrementally and we can work our way out of it incrementally we should not do anything to jerk the rug out from underneath the -- current circumstance we have. We've got to protect rule of law we don't have that this isn't going to be big country for anybody who live in or come to. But what what -- you what would you do with them I mean -- the -- of the partition as you know with Mitt Romney just -- and -- Well here. That it isn't my responsibility to solve that problem. And American citizens and legal Americans do not have a moral obligation to solve the problem of the eleven million people that are here unlawfully. That's a condition that they willfully stepped into on their own. And some of them will make the decision on their own on what to do many have -- actually -- -- it's not my responsibility to address that or. -- -- another exec to congressman because they are here because there are thousands of American companies. That gave them work. And there are millions of Americans including you who benefit from there -- so it's mostly responsiveness I mean you seem that the recent what you're in congress. We have. -- hundred million Americans of working age that are simply not in the workforce and this government has created a cradle to grave welfare state. With eighty different means tested federal welfare programs it pays a hundred million people a good share of them in any -- not to work. And so that means that we should put those people back to work so that we have more people that are pulling on the doors and taking care of the work that needs to be done in this country. And it's not a wise decision for us to bring people in to do the work that some say Americans won't do the reasons are not doing -- the wages are high enough and are being paid not to work. But evidently separate business for the economy to -- -- -- undocumented immigrants a CBO report. Clearly states that in the first ten years the economy would grow a 170 billion -- -- it's not a good business. I watched some of these economic studies that they're talking about and they calculate that just simply the growth and -- gross domestic product is a good thing for the country. If if anybody goes out works a single hour and get paid for that -- work they've brought -- brawl in the gross domestic product of the United States. But we have to have people that are able to contribute. As least as much to the economy -- are drawing out of it in benefits. That's equations that we've got to fix here it's not being addressed with the legalization process if we let people said in the safety net that now is -- -- called the welfare state. Not let let me ask you about that dreamers. There's bipartisan support for the undocumented students came here as children and babies as you know president Barack Obama -- and defer action. But you actually presented legislation would deport him mean. I don't know if you've -- them but they're brilliant students they are if you less americanized as as you'll feel so what would you do something like when why would you want. I think what mischaracterize the legislation that I brought on the floor here roughly a month ago the the amendment to the appropriations bill that. That nullify its all -- president Obama's. Unconstitutional. And a lawless Morton. Mammals he's violating the constitution if he thinks that he can -- immigration law by executive edict we have taken him to court. We are victorious in the first round of that decision almost a 100%. And we need to follow through on that that's what that amendment was about. The most sympathetic universe of people that we have in this country illegally. Are those kids -- some of them are valedictorian some of them are brought here it's not -- out their own accord their parents so knowingly and willfully broke the law. And it so what do we do. With the parents but in Fredericksburg to see if we're not answering that question to me -- -- what impressed that you would be deporting. -- -- couldn't quite hear your question about it but I late in practice -- would be deporting. All of these three months all of these -- augment its two. Now we we be doing the same thing there were -- now the president has refused to enforce the law. The previous president didn't enforce the law either this is that this is acumen and the fact of the failure to enforce a law from 1986. And if so if we say pass the senate version of the bill. Then we would never be able to restore the rule of law at least with regard to immigration. For the foreseeable future and that we can look into generations and make that case so one of the pillars of American exceptional -- news rule of law and if we destroy that because we are. The sympathy and our heart for the dreamers is greater than our -- for the rule of law. Then we have failed -- if we failed our founding fathers and we have to finish the destiny of this nation that's the center of this argument are -- Congressman did you recently compared. Knowing and an an and as a character in -- I don't know I'm Tony a Tony you you know should go back clearly no tolerating an ideal but at the original source value I read it I read it. And -- -- people want -- video anymore at things on the Internet all the time. But did you watch the video the full video. That speech was about celebrating legal immigration the it was -- -- celebrate immigration anyone that understands the language and the culture knows that if they saw the video in in in a town hall meeting you know. You know you want. You -- when he comfort you grunts the dots kind of guy you Bradley -- herself might not. I've told you if you watch that video you would know that was a speech celebrating illegal immigrants. Legal not illegal immigrants legal immigrants and I said they are the cream of the crop. It's figure of America that comes because people from all donor civilizations on the planet. Want to come here they dream we get the -- you don't want to apologize for the content that. That was the speech and has been mischaracterized by people on the left it's been intentionally and yes honestly done so. To drive wedges between people on the base or race -- and I want to -- to do that. -- from your point of view you look pretty deep not comparing us to docs. That's I I said that speech was about the vigor of legal immigration. It was a very complimentary speech and I don't you not that I did not do that and usually go back and look at the video guys I don't think minute -- and her group and you'll know that. It is you know it is not complimentary to -- earth. A group but you know -- -- -- -- anyone who watched the whole video and I would challenge you to run the whole video and Univision. Who run the whole video listen to the whole speech -- -- sense of what I was talking about rather than what the left wing blogs are -- they're trying to divide us. Instead -- let us be unified as one people of this country and. Another controversial issue congressmen. You lump you want to change the interpretation of the fourteen amendment. And you don't want. Don't you mean. You are against the fact that the children of undocumented immigrants -- United States. You don't want them to be US citizens and they -- as US citizens as you -- -- -- -- fourteenth amendment says all persons born of the United States. And subject to the jurisdiction there. Are American citizens -- I support the fourteenth amendment then the language that's there. And and that historical context and then original meaning of the fourteenth amendment. But I do not support. Rewarding with citizenship. The babies that are born here to illegal parents know little -- doesn't that. -- -- -- does that Russia the United States of America on the constitution you when the chase -- -- -- classic now I'm not yesterday's -- -- -- capital -- Caldwell. -- -- your bill restores the constitution to its original meaning. And a scholarship -- that it's very clear. And I think your listeners should be able to have access to that information as well. With -- what would it take for you to both -- -- When we make -- to rule of law restored and there's an expectation. And our respect for him. Then we can have these other conversations to meet the simple piece of this as. There are pillars of American exceptional as a -- -- in the bill of rights there's free enterprise capitalism but there's also -- local -- and central pillar. And we cannot destroy it out because of severe tips that because of sympathy and our hearts are greater than our appreciation and love and respect for the rule of law. Let's restore it then let's have the conversation about the people whose roots -- so deep in this country. That they will be staying here no matter what we do I can get to that conversation if you can embrace -- rule of law with me. Congressman -- think is a must ports of Angeles thanks for Antonia.

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{"duration":"8:56","description":"Rep. Steve King says legal status for DREAMers would violate \"the rule of law.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ABC_Univision","id":"19740793","title":"WATCH: Full Interview with Steve King on Al Punto ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/univisions-jorge-ramos-interviews-rep-steve-king-19740793"}