Vinylfy: Like Facebook but for Record Collectors

With just $200 and a passion for vinyl, Jose Pimienta, left, and Osniel Gonzalez, right, recently la
2:58 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Vinylfy: Like Facebook but for Record Collectors
Of -- price such a network for a record collectors when they can manage that collection their wish list. They can share with our lives we want to -- the one the first prints -- collecting vinyl social. And it's. I would have the question many times what -- -- and you can read but if it was my party and city. You can hardly obviously you -- key thing -- good things look good look I was. Whose whose citizens are you third son who used to use every -- Welcome to -- and maintain proof the wrong thing came last July's accident site get out of their employer. An exclusive cell phone calls late. Like he didn't take factor. I think he will learn how food Coleman -- who. In life everything you've seen all boats and home computers we know Internet you can that's. -- world how to move something he's after the break -- head until you get it done so he even. More ideas. My collection senator Roland and then -- that -- -- -- me -- What do not have and the kids so we'll spend their days and night Luna expected and it's that time and again. They got a lot of pain the files so we -- spoke about -- so things -- I mean this behaved of one million build -- Back in December it was -- building in rioting in our bedrooms. We lunch and -- thirteen. Police here in -- -- and thirteen. One week after we found that there was big conference in Miami calls overcome -- answers hostile to apply. And then. That we got there we watch. So this is one of the price. Super Eagles who runs came -- abilities. We had a friend and with a hammer and hammer I don't know if there right now we're just in case of -- -- -- -- that we -- -- for for the company -- -- just. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Now we're seeking investment. If we can find someone I loved by -- -- want to press box. And they can help boost. I'll move forward --

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{"id":19167920,"title":"Vinylfy: Like Facebook but for Record Collectors","duration":"2:58","description":"With just $200 and a passion for vinyl, Jose Pimienta, left, and Osniel Gonzalez, right, recently la","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/vinylfy-startup-record-collectors-launches-miami-19167920","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}