Dec. 7, 1991: President Bush Visits Pearl Harbor

Part 2 of Pearl Harbor memorial service, 50 years after attack.
5:01 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Dec. 7, 1991: President Bush Visits Pearl Harbor
Here you see the harbor itself -- small barge moving toward the Arizona memorial on board. President and mrs. bush. He's being accompanied by admiral Charles Larson who is the sink pack. The commander in chief of the Pacific -- a -- officer admiral's barge. Along with a news. Mr. Roberts mr. Gerald -- mrs. Jeanne -- is the president of the Pearl Harbor survivors association. Arriving. There just after having left Mary point here. Which was an interestingly called -- point here because larger warships and aircraft carriers were too big to tie up there. So these sailors were married to get off they often called at the drunken brawling role. In the -- Here. He'll be moving past these hate side -- As they are called. Than usual name but he's passing through an honor cordon it is a centuries old tradition taken from the British -- junior members. The ship's crew who salute the visiting guest. On behalf of the crew itself the number. Of the side boys is directly related to the rank. The dignitary or visitor. The higher the rank of course the larger the number eight is the maximum that can ever be given -- -- -- our correspondent is standing by can set the scene for us what will we be. Experiencing as we enjoy the commemoration ceremony. That was behind. I think -- leave the centerpiece of this -- ceremony is the Arizona memorial in the architect designed it to people a sense of serenity. You'll notice that the -- the roof of the memorial sags in the center -- -- rises up in the sky on either side. And up people think that means that that that represents that defeat here Pearl Harbor and the ultimate victory of United States. There's -- history behind them memorial lead wasn't easy to. Bill that was not a lot of sentiment after the war. To have a memorial years and the first bill was introduced in congress in 1915 it was until 1958. That congress finally passed the bill authorizing this memorial and the president Eisenhower signed -- but the fund raising effort was very difficult in the private sector. Because people didn't really want to remember this anymore. And it wasn't until Ralph Edwards whether television show than all of this is your life. Made a special appeal on television here at Pearl Harbor. And in nineteen 61 Elvis Presley. Give -- benefit concert for the Arizona memorial that were there were they were finally able. Raise the 500000. Dollars necessary to build this memorial there it stands today. The president and mrs. bush are moving to a holding room where they will remain for a brief period of time before they pass along. To this ceremony of course he's meeting dignitaries at this point interestingly as -- was telling us about the memorial itself it does not actually touch. The battleship Arizona it sits Astride the Arizona. And if you look out to see we have been able to see -- a bit through the day gun turret number three because of low tide has actually visit is actually visible. President and mrs. bush. -- admiral Larson I am told the president will not be moving toward the holding room but moving directly for the ceremony which is about. To Begin. President mrs. bush. Ladies and gentlemen. The invocation will be offered by -- -- David. Would you please -- -- -- -- Almighty god. Author of life and liberty. We ask your blessing as in this hallowed place we honor all those who fifty years ago today stood fast in the defense of freedom. We pray particularly oh god. -- as the mystic chords of memory stretched forth from -- decks beneath the sea. They may touch our hearts with that sense of national sacrifice symbolized in remembered on this day in history. On this special occasion. We lift up all those men and women past and present. Who have accepted the obligations. Of their forebears heritage. And we offer our profound gratitude. For hero's proved in liberating strife. Who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life. -- in dollars so god. With that spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all humanity. That we may resolve to sustain that pride. Which belongs to those who made so costly a sacrifice. Upon the altar of freedom. A man.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Part 2 of Pearl Harbor memorial service, 50 years after attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15104083","title":"Dec. 7, 1991: President Bush Visits Pearl Harbor","url":"/Archives/video/1991-president-bush-visits-pearl-harbor-15104083"}