1995: Newt Gingrich in His New Role

Jan. 5, 1995: Part 2 of "Nightline" interview with the Speaker of the House.
7:32 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for 1995: Newt Gingrich in His New Role
That sense of intimacy. Speaker Gingrich and Feyerick is in at the end of another long day. He was marveling at the view of the city out of the window of his new office. Marveling in an almost everything you said yes -- -- overwhelmed. The feeling I had. I have this was -- the accommodated knew the wide eyed white that's nice guy most especially this -- new to statesman. The man who now holds the only congressional leadership positions set forth in the constitution the man who is second in line to be president -- the United States. And who is leader of the legislative branch of government went to the White House today as the president's -- That's -- guy stands who really does have an enormous responsibility and an assist and you have the things with. The president today would we have justice does spectacularly good meeting. And I added -- I had the sense it was almost like he genuinely. Was opening up to a new beginning. And it was the most positive and most open conversation we've had. I was just businesspeople can -- protect for me. -- Clinton serves as something of an object lesson from what you're going through right now you. I was going back looking at polling numbers and he came to Washington. With that spectacular. Ride up from. From Charlottesville and the beautiful display at Lincoln Memorial that night and everybody all the -- was wonderful and all the exuberance was there. And it's gone. What what do you do to keep that exuberance. I don't think you keep the exuberance. I think what you've got to do is decide that. People have a general vision where they want this country. They are extremely frustrated with -- Washington for not moving in that direction. And that would we have to do is very methodically work every day to get one step closer. For the American people want is debate and I think you -- -- have fun this is not going to be -- There are no easy victories if they were the city would have -- There are no answers and -- What Washington can do is lead and helped organize and a -- the American people people who do things. But I think how willing are they did -- smoothly through it again have poll out today that says everybody 80% of people want a balanced budget amendment in the -- -- question about if it means cutting this means -- and the only nobody was cut anything even welcome. Yeah -- welfare it's this quality. If this was 1933. And we had today's news media in today's pollsters. They would have found a way to ask the question do you really want a new deal -- -- means bigger government. And the answer would have been probably not. And they would have rushed in so different from them -- what about this poll. And it grows illicit you know we get a poll every couple years called election and then we actually do it capital have every governor I've talked to. Well Engler Thompson Wilson. -- saying don't watch the polls. Do what you think is right. Get it done for a -- let people -- the illegal in the you're serious. And then you'll see opinion change. He talks about Churchill. And saying I'm in you talk about -- saying. Ignore the post you've got Churchill. You're behind you're saying deserved victory. What do you do deserved victory. Saints -- where you believe the country has to go stated honestly and clearly and without regard to consequence. Listen carefully the American people. Organize a majority to pass legislation. And calmly and systematically replace the -- -- state with the opportunity society. And transform the government's you can achieve -- balanced budget by 2000. And have people every day seeing you doing it for real. And just trust that that the maturity of the baby boomers as such. That they will have such respect for the work. The seriousness but they won't tolerate disagreements about the details. -- have been some sort of discover. This whole new role has it been just profoundly weird. Yeah and it has been I don't know of any words to explain I -- -- it's unbelievable. Overwhelming. I think the best line I came off the the set. It was. See this -- his -- dole Bob Dole -- done this even on good morning shows. And we are trying to figure out how to explain going from the Republican whip to speaker of the house of due to the kinda speakership for the international media is wandering around -- -- And with thousands of people coming to -- it's just amazing and friend Sonny Bono. Who's a freshman member from California and I said wow and this weird experiences -- you know. He says it's just like the first time -- had a record of which he said you practice and you perform and you try to get there and you dream -- happen. And then they -- cannot -- think wow what I do next. Think for the moment I'm a little bit like late. You know teenage mutant ninja turtles were three years ago were like that mighty morphin Power Rangers aren't you -- waves in America when he's you know you've covered. If something's hot it's hot and every editor of the countries as well -- -- I think they'll be appointment couple things happen one people have gotten most of the game was story. And then you can start having the Bill Archer story -- the Dick Armey's story Susan Molinari story to a lot of new players this business Bob Livingston and as a whole senate. Mean Bob Dole in -- end Trent -- Connie Mack. -- -- ever been like this I mean I've tried if I could wakes him brave enough in his grave and say. Look what's happening with the speaker of the house coming and he would be flabbergasted. That it has never been anything like -- -- -- -- -- our constitutional. Office of the congress. The I think and in all fairness if you go back. You probably know your mother used to have -- ravens I mean Henry Clay is left I think plays election and -- and the arrival of the war hawks. Was probably the most -- we -- because it was a genuine policy campaign. In which somebody emerges a major public leader. And the legislative -- and I frankly when the Democrats decided to attack the contract -- America and decided to attack me. They created a vacuum they pushed me into the little vacuum and so the country. And a weird kind in the National -- he's -- the -- -- -- The real what's the liberals who. Really do dislike him nationally people just don't get it decided they would that by painting -- is the alternative they would sure teach the American people. And you bring people several finding which got a lot of -- -- still prefer the Republicans. What's happening here this weird moment I -- I don't think you've seen anything like this 100 seven years when there wasn't television. All night it's kind of hard to imagine him because couldn't -- Television people -- pretty effective --

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Jan. 5, 1995: Part 2 of \"Nightline\" interview with the Speaker of the House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15098334","title":"1995: Newt Gingrich in His New Role","url":"/Archives/video/1995-faces-newt-gingrich-15098334"}