1995: Gingrich Touts Progress in Congress

Jan. 5, 1995: Part 3 of "Nightline" interview with Newt Gingrich.
5:28 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for 1995: Gingrich Touts Progress in Congress
One of the things that you've done a lot over the years -- -- just thought. Talked. -- you've done a lot of news seen in a variety of different directions as -- thought of ethics. Senate Bill Clinton. And he's learned that as president. Doing that kind of amusing. Is not very useful to -- People take his words and analyze them and and that is -- -- not. That's a problem. The American people are very commonsensical. And I really believe in the American people this this is a great country with -- good people. And when Ronald Reagan said one afternoon he'd like to abolish corporate tax and everybody went a step went crazy. And was the evening news and he came back and say well he knows he can't be like him to countries have fun and Ronald Reagan. If the president and I am -- trying to from Indians this device. But. Some opposite -- what the president but. Effective leadership. Is to use -- stumble around in the right direction and keep doing. People will tolerate a lot of falling in your face if you're falling in the direction they want to go I was talking yesterday -- -- appear chieftains. -- a rather large private gathering. Who said you know this winning is great may not -- to stay here all night because we're winning every vote. And but I see he sent a real -- -- that because exuberance. Can get you took place for you are not careful. And you. Start to feel that -- in principle. To you see a danger there. Welfare. Absolutely and he also the danger they just end up running so our. That you -- something you're not able to listen carefully after doing much and I think you've got to -- to -- have a rhythm of backing off thinking about it listen to people. One -- -- -- the second leadership was -- seven and isn't working right. Tell him because it's very important. I mean I I really -- listen learn -- openly. Because I think you have to lead eighteen to lead -- team have to listen to the team. And every human being makes mistakes in every human being gets hubris and every human being. Can't see themselves. And so I think you've got to really be willing. Two. Slow down. Try to -- -- -- -- but the more importantly who attended the great example like. My younger daughter was once an intern Coca Cole. She called who's editing their daily bulletin all the news. She happened to be there this summer they did you -- Associate -- fault her for what she called me laughing one Monday night. And she said if they try to tell you this was -- plot. Laugh -- -- because I was here and that's where they came back and said well we -- -- where we were -- and Coca-Cola. And I since talked a lot of cookies if this does planet you know -- -- and and and the moral courage. And -- way to as the head guy. And he nationally seen mistake. Walking him as saying okay we bullet we didn't do what our customers who love our product -- to -- and -- -- diameter. One and we tried to do this in the book is clear that whatever was legal and ethical for a back bench Republican was inappropriate for the speaker of the house. And it took us two or three days to unlock and say -- here's what I have million dollars and -- poor people we sure like to help the couple are alters the college insurer of the good things you can do. And the fact is. When -- could do that. And that was hard. But -- gonna make mistakes like that because you gonna be in the situation you've never dreamed that by definition. The big surprises of the thing you didn't think it is we thought it would it would be a -- -- and the key to leadership at that level this is why I love FDR died surgeries that if as when FDR made a boo boo. I think he was the best politician I think we've ever had been analysts say well that sure didn't work and just back off from. And if you can do that I think the American public we'll give you Norman's amount of opportunity. To try to lead them direction -- wanna go. -- -- thing you've talked about these -- -- going so much it's hard to slow down and listen you've been going. Non stop now for the last couple of days. Are you is it still just as exciting and and all that -- you wearing down a little. -- -- I'm tired physically. Not so unbelievably exciting I'm tired. We have some stuff to -- fly home tomorrow night in and segmentation of the first. Attend classes of renewing American civilization and we do it into town hall meetings and chamber of commerce in -- having. But will take all -- Sunday off this crash and throughout. After this interview have been my wife of -- -- for the first -- about five days and talk us and I and I hope gradually over the next week to Begin this. Level often slow -- but on the other hand if you say -- somebody. Here is the 72 hours. In which -- -- became speaker of the house set a tone passed nine reforms. Etc. And badly -- And it gives you some energy all of the I don't watch the Super -- a few weeks aspect at the end of the game winning guys -- -- -- -- -- okay -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's okay.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Jan. 5, 1995: Part 3 of \"Nightline\" interview with Newt Gingrich.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15098396","title":"1995: Gingrich Touts Progress in Congress","url":"/Archives/video/1995-gingrich-touts-progress-congress-15098396"}