Chevrolet: 100 Years of Tradition

Dr. Jamie Meyer reveals Chevrolet's history and previews what the future holds.
3:30 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Chevrolet: 100 Years of Tradition
I folks on doctor Jamie -- and I want to welcome you to the GM heritage center you know there are some amazing vehicles here. And today to celebrate the 100 anniversary Chevrolet we want to share with you some of those vehicles -- -- Chevrolet performance. -- -- -- The 1957 W really is the car that started off her performance streetcar. And that's because the factory gap behind they started putting options in this car. That meant performance what -- what it's best known for is that fuel injected Corvette. 283. Cubic inch -- blocked -- -- out 283 horsepower. One horsepower per cubic -- this -- the car that inspired so many more great -- Performance Chevrolet vehicles to follow the dawn of a muscle car -- is upon us people have been putting out small blocks for 1015 years now. Ford and Chrysler starting to play with -- Watson Chevrolet answered they bought out before all nine. It's a big block the -- like a small block there are a lot of features in the -- in the mix of legendary. It makes a ton of power by 1963 before all -- of making 445. Horsepower to the Beach Boys saying about the -- this is the car was inspired an entire generation. -- 1963 Corvette really ushered in a whole new aero performance for Corvette. -- -- -- -- -- Building performance parts of the Chevrolet ahead and roll out five very special grand sports. Both things went on to compete at Le Mans and win lots of road racing and on the streets of America the -- was becoming a street racing thing. The -- that's always been about performance and 63 really turnabout. 690 Merrill is just the classic piece of American automotive history when the -- came out. It was a refreshing first generation -- -- was styling was new for 1969. And this shape is absolutely timeless in fact it's influenced design of the 2010 from now they competed in -- -- drag racing they -- trans am. Championship in 1969. And then this car case. The Indy 500 back here so when you think about performance. The 69 Camaro is always very top of the list. If you one of the real thing of the street in 1970. He ordered the LS action well rated at 450. Horsepower that was the one. The classic fast -- style got a very upfront. Squared off no big muscular hood area most quarter panel -- just clean performance. When new Camaro -- one has a lot of very desirable features. -- -- the new Camaro is a performance car in every sense with a lot of creature comfort -- the deal one -- one step further revise suspension bigger breaks. When you bring in the fourth power -- a supercharged 376. Cubic inch small block. Cranking out over 550. Horsepower to have been newcomer come out with the -- one -- on it is very special. And it will deliver that -- -- -- We hope you enjoyed your preview of some of the vehicles that are here of the GM heritage center. You know we took a moment looked at six. Classic Chevrolet is that the -- street performance if you see one please take a moment stop and enjoy.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Dr. Jamie Meyer reveals Chevrolet's history and previews what the future holds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"14868115","title":"Chevrolet: 100 Years of Tradition","url":"/Archives/video/chevrolet-100-years-tradition-14868115"}