Chevy Commercial: 1957 Bel Air

The 1957 Bel Air's sleek, sporty design appealed to a younger market.
1:49 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Chevy Commercial: 1957 Bel Air
Bob what have we here. Poetry. Nothing less. Very Smart to attend sports sedan. And the dashing Bel Air sport coupe. But spectacular. -- -- 265. V. With 162. Horsepower. Neither sing probably -- short overdrive transmission. Modern power and economy to grow with the year's smartest. V8 power. The super spectacular V8. But Turbo fired 283. New. -- barrel carburetor and 185. Horsepower. Choice of for the exclusive revolutionary new -- might transmission. With -- triple observe and take home. Ultra modern -- for those who demand the very finest. -- -- The silver terrible fire to 83 V8 and went up four barrel carburetor. Tremendous. 220. Horsepower. -- transmissions. And -- Croatian overdrive hard ride I am eternal life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of this world Chevrolet horsepower rated at 245. All transmissions. Syndrome -- overdrive. Close ratio of three speed. -- power bride and sort of O'Brien. And Chevrolet brings the future to 1957. Home.

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{"id":14869473,"title":"Chevy Commercial: 1957 Bel Air","duration":"1:49","description":"The 1957 Bel Air's sleek, sporty design appealed to a younger market.","url":"/Archives/video/chevy-commercial-1957-bel-air-14869473","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}