12/17/2010: Sarah Palin Interview

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin toyed with entering the 2012 presidential race.
3:00 | 09/07/14

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Transcript for 12/17/2010: Sarah Palin Interview
There is no more electrifying and polarizing figure in American politics today. Sarah Palin commands the attention of so many fans and detractors. Her husband and small children draw more Google searches -- the rest of the Republican field combined. Blown out of office -- still managed to Alter national discussions with a single tweet. But can this heat last all the way to 2012. Tonight ABC's Robin Roberts travels to Alaska to spend time with Palin talk about how far she's come. What might be next. In her new book America by heart Sarah Palin writes that the three pillars of her political philosophy. Our family faith and flag in that order. -- -- here in the wilderness on a snowmobile with her daughter piper you get the family part. Palin seems truly in her element it's my first time on the -- property and -- -- Yeah I -- had asked. -- -- I. Borrow. The not to get political on you but why we need a strong missile defense doesn't turn yeah. Car around. Sarah Palin is certainly enjoying herself these days she energize crowds rallying for Tea Party candidates. -- and then supported her daughter Bristol. On Dancing With The Stars. -- And even now starring in her own reality show Sarah Palin's Alaska and. Along the way she's a ball that identity they know something like this. Sarah Palin the celebrity politician who's just like guns. The question is whether it's working for. New poll out showing that if the election were held today and you -- the Republican candidate -- Obama -- the democratic. That he would win by 22 points. You understand that a lot of GOP members are concerned about you having a nomination because of polls like this when you see numbers like that. And you know that is a feeling among even the GO. Your message across and you're talking about your record and you're setting the record straight and you talk about -- intentions for this country. I'm offer contested primary so a poll number like that I couldn't you -- and that really pretty today but. A primary isn't -- months in the process and -- -- thankfully many debates than if I were to participate in that contested primary -- you know if I would be unit to Gwinnett. And perhaps everything Palin's done this year is part of a bigger strategy she's -- that new book. An attempt she says to write down what she thinks America is all about. She certainly -- doing her homework. And comes to our interview first of the at the president and he said in fact even on ABC news. I mean -- on March 10 of 09 he said to ABC news that he would be the one to reform. The abuse of the earmark process so the big question will she run for president. Who -- I don't think she even knows but she's not afraid to that is for sure. I don't look -- but there's there's talk that he might run for president I don't know if you heard that you know this think -- -- it around from from time to time where are you. In your thought process and decision making it's that it's a prayerful consideration because obviously the sacrifices that have to be need in order to. Put yourself forward in the name of public services it it's brutal. So my consideration is for my family whether this would be. Good or not good for the family. -- would be good or not good for the debate in the discourse in this country and just get the lay of the land and see who else is out there who would be willing to make those sacrifices. But there has to be a timeframe of some sort presenter. And yes there have to be an I would say it's still months down the road though you know -- other folks can. And jumping in and and that kind of help -- and get the lay of the land -- -- my decision won't be made out for some months -- -- last month Barbara Walters sat down with President Obama and asked him if he thought he could beat Sarah Palin in an election. -- -- him -- will not tell me that you think you could be sent him. What I'm saying is I don't think about -- for not. You mentioned him a timer too in your book and he was asked if he thinks of -- says no do you think he should it. -- I don't. Not necessarily you know -- think that the values that that I holder are shared by a lot of people so if not mean he certainly should be listening to someone who. May be. Is not part of the beltway is not part of either political machine and -- not you know that's quite the GOP isn't really enamored with me that that those in the establishment I think kind of fight that establishment for the last twenty years because I'm not want to just go along -- -- that's why I have such heartburn over watching these some of these compromises going on in congress is like. Expect to do better now with the House of Representatives back in the hands of the Republican majority. Sarah Palin has her own ideas from what's on most everyone's mind taxes. President Obama has -- reached out to Republicans for the tax cuts taken a lot of heat from his own party. As it stands right now this current tax bill. Are you for you know this is one case where I'm really thankful that the present flip flopped in all the sudden he realized that oh yeah. The rich -- 70% of the job creators are considered I guess. The rich in this country they -- will see an extension of the bush tax cuts which really means that they won't see the tax hikes that many people in congress -- Bin perfectly fine and in -- cramming down and those job creators throats had this not happen. I think that that there could have been an even better deal struck I would rather see. Congress just hold off on this President Obama just hold off on this let the new congress be seated and then let's do it right you said flip flop he'd. It's compromise and that's what that's part of -- that the American public has been saying can't you guys get together bipartisanship. And then but. -- we'll be accused as you've had saying flip flop and always reach compromise that you. Well don't. I must say though it did it to -- -- -- in his position on taxes because he was so adamant about not. Allowing the tax cut extension to take plays for a job creators and then all of a sudden one day he was -- with that so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin toyed with entering the 2012 presidential race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15174174","title":"12/17/2010: Sarah Palin Interview","url":"/Archives/video/dec-17-2010-sarah-palin-interview-15174174"}