Dec. 9, 1992: U.S. Marines Land in Somalia

Marines arrived in Mogadishu on a mission to restore order in war torn Somalia.
6:52 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dec. 9, 1992: U.S. Marines Land in Somalia
It is difficult to think of two cultures more -- into one another than those of the Somali people and the men of the US Marine Corps. But here they are brought together somehow by circumstance. And a series of terrible tragedies. They have reason enough to be suspicious these -- as they've been occupied by so many armies before. But the Marines know that they are here on a different kind of mission and most of the Somalia is appeared to -- -- also. So we thought we would memorialize this extraordinary day by asking a very simple question of Somalia -- journalists and Marines. What happened today. President of the door and we venison tamales and Marines and -- it. Simple question -- -- trick question. What happens with the. Web dot net and you work -- underwear or what -- -- to have a longer life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- Stood around -- to divert about 330. -- -- Look at marks and every shot -- over here and we landed. -- But avenue there was echo company plus came in security airfield. So that they can -- -- supplies and we can secure their airfield for the birds that are coming it would also applies for the Smart people. -- -- You've got all of my real -- paying attention again. Right after this that you know -- nineteenth Boston. And it. What happened here today. We basically moved in and set up defensive perimeter. That's basically what happened in another group went off to do another mission elsewhere. We've just got to gain a foothold here because as the red productivity. Area -- -- -- relatively low hostility. So we've moved on in this area you just -- that we can operate from your basic. They don't -- don't want. Leave -- alone stated -- at the bottle and. Back. We'll pass it. Plan. Chicago this. Really didn't do again -- It's all these people here. In -- there around you know I've been a lot of countries cultures. I never. Seeing what I saw that -- you know. Rotary and and heaven only people don't know -- those -- ago -- Really face you know. An American pride -- films go back home. They don't want here but then there's the other ones are. Coming up. -- earnings thinner glad you're here. -- I think -- -- happiness is. I think they -- -- helping out again. I'm glad -- need your help. You know especially moderates operation being humanitarian. And there's. With a quick jump and operation -- learning. I'm ready for. We were -- some people that you know that he does so because they're being picked up. By people who they can. -- as those against. Discipline in the he. So we need. Yeah. -- And the -- Villa. -- -- I guess they're just happy that we that we came into the country that Obama didn't -- We know we got -- little you can -- And I drove. That's -- -- that's been going. There's something wrong and other -- -- -- you know makes me feel good that -- lunacy of it still. I'm glad I live here because what I see right now today really made me realize you know who have -- me right now. -- -- As their -- -- we spent a lot more of -- People will -- students is back -- -- Included -- -- these veterans don't have to. This area they -- here so. Recently it's been. Everybody keeps his -- out there it is we got largely at least -- -- -- it is it's -- and is trying hard hard to keep. Kind of hard to -- This. Now yet -- -- them here it off now. Hardliners they're still sleeping through -- still sneak it. But. And I need job. That great -- and fifth if it is covered through now sneaky and wants me.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Marines arrived in Mogadishu on a mission to restore order in war torn Somalia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15121747","title":"Dec. 9, 1992: U.S. Marines Land in Somalia","url":"/Archives/video/dec-1992-us-marines-land-somalia-15121747"}