Dec. 2, 1997: Survivors of Egypt Terror Attack

Witnesses describe Nov. 17, 1997 attack by gunmen at an ancient temple.
6:30 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Dec. 2, 1997: Survivors of Egypt Terror Attack
When Moses descended from mount Sinai -- the ten commandments. This temple honoring Egypt's only woman pharaoh was according to most biblical scholars. Already an established landmark. When the temple of queen -- -- -- was built. The birth of Jesus was still 14100 years off in the distant future. The Egyptian claimed then that this -- of his -- place to much of the world's culture as we know north has more than passing -- There is a reason that tourists have been flocking to this place for several millennia. Still today there are fewer foreigners in -- -- When we're here just a little more than two weeks ago. Dawn is the best time to visit. When the rising sun believes the valleys of Egypt's kings and queens and golden light. And before the heat becomes too repressive and I -- conceived funded grabbed his second that he. In the beginning of an early morning -- when Egyptian guides -- shepherding their flocks of tourists from Germany and Japan. The United States England and Switzerland. On Monday the seventeenth of November there were a lot of -- Among them that morning from Cisco and Felix Miller from -- On the bus that guy told us. You see this I'm going up. In the east and -- -- -- -- tape in the east boss that the area of the life. And the rest. Of -- side of when you across the area of the theft so be prepared now we are going to open. -- for the death. -- Two well enough king's but it was hit. -- -- -- comes. And then that 830 be rampant for the temple of conscience of. There's two land and so we looked -- and and defense plants and and I felt grave connect beautiful affecting this wonderful architecture. -- -- arrive there. Some of us who proved happens -- -- Looking at you. Than they were done because I would turn. Plus crowded and I felt like we had to move because -- the -- was like fifteen named the process we work to an opinion. The last picture of her life to the Jerusalem of the columns. There she probably took it because as you -- this time. The chiefs as -- life. There weren't many English speaking tourists that morning. And back in the opening up the tour -- not -- -- I was at the temple. I've been with me -- person and grandmother until -- and had friends who think. Actually that Mendoza was just the channel three or four years or we finished -- -- -- -- -- the temple and then this is the loss for a disease and -- -- Here you can see it more easily on this model off to the right is we're not club -- took the two British women and the little girl. The Swiss group including from Cisco and Felix middle earth went to this temple on the far left. -- just had finished the left side and I know who god help us. Just make -- quick because he tours and bonus he. A little and ex temple. That the -- because the process who. That got herself. You feel fertility. Of happiness. In light of what was about to happen. Everyone now remembers that the last for an equal moment. Part of that -- Suisse group comes in Kirkuk doesn't he -- I wish it was nice it was warm -- -- -- -- Yes but the court didn't mind you start to. Four men dressed in black pants and sweaters looking themselves somewhat like Egyptian police officers. Strolled past that ticket Booth cited offered -- and was working as a temple guard. I've moved from I have a recall. And the sergeant from the -- I also worked as an assistant -- They're walking him I asked them for their tickets. -- have been left their tickets behind. The last guy I think I was wearing jeans open his sweater instead OK here's the tickets. He shot the four of -- I felt that my colleagues found on the -- There were six gunman in all. But the other two who stayed behind there at the entrance. Much more notoriety is a vendor who witnessed what happened and it's got my ethical. Two of them have their drinking Coca-Cola. One of them -- which the policeman who -- and they told him we are here to visit and when they heard that -- Which was the thickness they keep. The other one was sitting next to that -- and he he has done that who we. And then they regrouped and went -- By now the terrorists have run up to hear firing as they -- right. They split some going this way toward the fund colony. BO those running over their toward the far side of this open air. We all -- the first shots. And we assumed something. Like me. Washington parents -- the last thing. One of our groups all across the terrorists stormed up the road shall -- And then beaver. Pulling back into the temple. Tour guide not to -- on the other side of the ramp with a two English women in the child so that's another gunman coming. And on by the -- iPhone and I want but he's he's that crazy -- mad person going to do. Something wrong. So that's why or event OK if it's all laid down asking -- -- -- Only because -- through -- took so long explaining the Financial Times and -- thank -- and he says jump overeating and high. -- -- -- -- -- We all -- would have been very. It's people who were looking at the Collins just before that went inside -- -- public. All of them.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Witnesses describe Nov. 17, 1997 attack by gunmen at an ancient temple.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"15073389","title":"Dec. 2, 1997: Survivors of Egypt Terror Attack","url":"/Archives/video/dec-1997-survivors-egypt-terror-attack-15073389"}