12/20/2007: Who Is Mitt Romney?

Prior to the 2008 election, Charles Gibson profiled the GOP candidate.
3:00 | 09/07/14

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Transcript for 12/20/2007: Who Is Mitt Romney?
Who is Mitt Romney a Republican from a prominent family who didn't always have his sights set on elected office. I wanted to go into the car business my dad was a automobile executive I love cars -- to go with him today. Headquarters of American motors and look at -- -- mock ups of coming models of criticize him and he smile and act like he was listening to me I love -- love cars and business. Willard Mitt Romney's childhood was a privileged won his father George was chairman of American motors and by the time it was a teenager. George Romney was governor of Michigan. You always have officers and legalization parents. Which one to join us. Dad was my idol he was the personal attendant said some badly to be like him look what he's done look what he's accomplished look how stronger character he has. You grew up in the sixties for your retouched by the sixties rebellions. I -- but perhaps not the way that most -- -- touched. I I remember being at Stanford University. My first the year in college and a number of the more radical members of the student body. -- the office of the president of the university staged a sit in. Demonstrated their wanted to close the campus down. To protest Vietnam and and I organized -- a demonstration as well. But it was a demonstration against the people who are sitting in -- said get out of the office let's go back to school. So I was touched a Providence and -- a lot of -- it was an air of freedom. But -- -- Mormon kids no drinking. No smoking. No coffee no -- no drugs no premarital sex etc. did you have to defend your organism against -- the kids. I think it's an advantage. For a child to drop and recognize that there are some things where they are different important things discuss they spiked their hair -- -- But -- things that make a difference a real difference and they're willing to be different. The stand up for -- and she would have feels like. In 1968 George Romney wanted to be the Republican presidential candidate but failed to get the nomination when he ran for president. I was off serving my church and so. -- -- A presidential campaign experience came from letters and he would write lengthy single spaced. Type letters what was going out when he was thinking. One of the most interest and was the very last when he wrote about the campaign where he said I aspired and -- -- achieved not. I'm satisfied. Mitt Romney got a dual business and law degree from Harvard and became very successful -- turning failing businesses around he was called in to save the 2002 Olympic Games from financial crisis. His success prompted him to run for governor of Massachusetts. There are almost eerie parallel. In the way you have pattern your life. In the way -- do it because when you look at this as as an outsider. You think is he not trying some way to do. For his dad what he thinks -- deserved. You know I love -- Adler but I don't -- might get enough to -- from Japan for him but Romney's wife and was the first girl he fell in love with the what was different. He -- it's hard to know what it is that makes you fault line. I can't -- she was beautiful course and and fun to be with but. The fact was that I liked. Being with her more than anything else I -- do that she was fifteen that I don't you told I was just a kid I was just it and you're -- -- -- here. Well it was more than telling her -- we were I think was at the junior promise of cash were both in love with each other. I guess -- get married course. What do we know at that point but it sure felt like we knew a lot it was not a a formal proposal that came later. -- went off to France to serve his church for two and a half years as a Mormon missionary. -- -- he was involved in a fatal automobile accident where a colleague was killed. As a person of faith. How do you explain when bad things happen to good people. My church -- me a lot but there's a lot that -- we just don't know I have to say that. That he is placed us here and looks to us. Looks to us to make this a better place and does not intrude in what's and what's happening here terribly often -- -- also have to believe that. That when it's all over that we will shortly be back in his presence.

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{"id":15197397,"title":"12/20/2007: Who Is Mitt Romney?","duration":"3:00","description":"Prior to the 2008 election, Charles Gibson profiled the GOP candidate. ","url":"/Archives/video/dec-20-2007-mitt-romney-15197397","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}